Any time you are in an unpleasant situation, it is nice to know what to expect. If the situation involves criminal charges being filed against you, this is especially true because the entire ordeal can be confusing and frightening. With the number of arrests being made in recent years, having a good idea of the process will help you to prepare your case and create an effective defense strategy.

One of the most common criminal charges in the area is the charge of DUI. Common consequences include loss of license and the need to seek a modified right to drive, points on your driving record, and the chance that you will be placed on probation. However, there are other things you can expect if convicted of DUI, and some of these punishments are typical in other crimes too. Three things you should expect if you are charged with and convicted of a crime include:

  • The conviction will appear on your criminal record and this can cause you to lose certain privileges such as the ability to obtain certain licenses. The most common example is a license to carry a firearm. Those convicted of crimes are generally not permitted to obtain a license for a gun or other weapon.
  • Loss of benefits provided by social programs, such as reduced priced housing or nutrition assistance (referred to as SNAP or food stamps).
  • An increase in auto insurance rates, or the risk of being dropped altogether by your insurance provider. Both of which can create a financial hardship that is difficult to overcome if you are on a fixed income.

When entering a plea in exchange for a more lenient sentence or when agreeing to go on probation to resolve your case, it is critical that you understand all possible consequences. The range of punishment for crimes extends beyond the requirement that you pay fines and costs. These “unseen” forms of punishment can be just as detrimental to your standard of living, and must be given careful consideration prior to entering any agreement. Our knowledgeable criminal defense attorneys will help explain the possibilities to you, and help you feel confident in the choices you make for your defense.

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