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Real Estate Investor Alert! Why You Need Title Insurance for Foreclosure Properties!

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Title insurance protects you from undisclosed liens.

One of the biggest risks that investors run into is finding out the equity they thought they had when buying a property in foreclosure no longer exists due to liens being discovered once the property is purchased.

A title search will reveal if the party foreclosing on the property is a first lien holder or a subordinate lien holder. If the mortgage being foreclosed on is a first mortgage and the property is bought at a foreclosure sale, then most other liens on the title could be wiped out. Exceptions to this action include unpaid municipal taxes, IRS tax liens, and in some instances condominium association fees.

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Recently Divorced? Don’t Forget About Your Estate Plan…

Stuart Florida Real Estate and Estate Planning Attorney

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Marital dissolution inheres major estate planning implications. Property division, child custody, and spousal support must all be addressed and finalized.  Amidst associated emotional and economic fallout, it is easy to overlook one’s estate plan. Such negligence carries potentially disastrous consequences for all parties concerned, however. Below are a few key estate plan components you cannot afford to ignore:

Begin your estate plan modifications by revising your will. Even if you initially executed your will prior to marriage, family and financial circumstances have undoubtedly changed dramatically since then. The areas most likely to require amendment are asset distribution and personal representative appointment. Changing your will is easy to accomplish, either by executing a document called a “codicil” – or rewriting its entire terms.


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