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No Alimony Reform Expected in 2014

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Russell J. Ferraro Jr. has been Board Certified in Marital and Family Law for over 25 Years!

Wow, many alimony recipients can breathe a collective sigh of relief – the government will not be amending the current Florida alimony laws in 2014.  Alimony payors will have to wait another year and hope that maybe next year will be the year…

Last year, the Florida Legislature passed an historic alimony bill that basically put an end to permanent alimony, and codified the length and rate of payments to have a more direct relationship with the length of the marriage and the parties’ income.  The bill also included language with regard to parental timesharing with minor children, and made the entire provision retroactive (meaning it would affect families who had resolved their cases prior to… Continue reading

Mr. Studfinder a HUGE Success!!!

Nina Ferraro Estate Planning Lawyer

Woman Build Chair, Nina Ferraro “Flexing with UFC Fighter Din Thomas – Photo by Mitch Kloorfain

Nina L. Ferraro, attorney at Ferraro Law Group, chaired the fourth annual Mr. Stud Finder charity auction on January 30, 2014 at Willoughby Golf and Country Club.   The event raised almost $50,000 for Habitat for Humanity of Martin County’s 2014 Women Build Project!

“We’re thrilled with the result of this fourth annual auction. Thanks to the generosity of our 15 philanthropic ‘studs,’ the generous bidders, sponsors, our volunteers and staff, we’re off to a great start funding the construction of a home for the McIntyre family,” said Nina L. Ferraro, Chairperson of the Women Build Committee of Habitat for Humanity of Martin County.  “Thanks to the record breaking success of the auction, we have raised more than half the funds necessary to complete this year’s Women… Continue reading

40 Years Serving The Treasure Coast!

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40 Years Serving the Treasure Coast

In 1974, Nixon announced that he was not a crook.  Steve Miller’s “Joker,” and Barbara Streisand’s “The Way We Were,” topped the Billboard Charts, a gallon of gasoline averaged about $0.66 and Russell J. Ferraro, Jr started his legal career serving the Treasure Coast as an Assistant Public Defender with the 19th Judicial Circuit!

Back then, Russell Ferraro and a handful of attorneys traveled the entire circuit to represent indigent clients on everything from traffic infractions and bar fights to murders.  Since then, the the practice of law on the Treasure Coast has come a long way…

Take a stroll down memory lane with Russell as he opines on how the practice has changed in the interview below.

Question:  What are 3 things that have changed the practice of law on the Treasure Coast since… Continue reading

Who Needs A Stud? Habitat’s Woman Build Project Has Martin County’s Finest Up for Auction!

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Call Habitat’s  2014 Women Build and Mr. Studfinder Auction Chair, Nina Ferraro for more info at (772)221-0600

Habitat for Humanity of Martin County’s most entertaining event of the year is right around the corner and it stars some of the Treasure Coast’s most charitable gentlemen.

The 4th Annual Mr. Studfinder Charity Auction takes place this Thursday, Jan. 30 at 6 p.m. at an elegant new venue, Willoughby Golf Club, 3001 S.E. Doubleton Drive in Stuart. Guests will enjoy cocktails, heavy hors d’ oeuvres, a silent auction, and the main event: a live auction at 7 p.m.

Contrary to belief, Mr. Studfinder is NOT a bachelor auction!  However, it features a lively group of gentlemen, nominated by their peers and selected to present a valuable auction item or package for bid, valued from $300 to $5,000. Items include firefighter or sheriff for a… Continue reading


Stuart Florida Title Insurance

Call Nina for a FREE A Quote on Title Insurance.

The fact is, for most people buying a house is the largest purchase they will ever make. When you are signing your name to a transaction that may affect you for years to come, hiring a lawyer now might save you a lot of headaches later. A lawyer’s help can be valuable throughout the process.

A Lawyer Understands Legalese
When you make an offer… on a home, your real estate agent assists you through the negotiation process. When you strike a deal, whether you’re the buyer or the seller, the agent will draw up a contract for sale. When you sign it, you lock yourself into the deal. Lawyers are experts in contracts and it’s always a good idea to have a lawyer look at the contract BEFORE you sign it!

If there’s any language… Continue reading


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There are different levels of estate planning. At the most basic level, people need to leave directives as to who will care for their children, in the event they are no longer able to do so themselves. Some states break custody of a minor into two categories; physical custody of the child and custody of their financial resources. The most basic level of estate planning is to name those people. There can be a different person for each role, and some people like the “oversight” that this type of setup can provide. Of course, you need to consider the people involved, their personalities and the fact that the person or persons physically caring for the child are going to be beholden to the conservator for financial assistance. You want to choose people who can… Continue reading

3 Tech Solutions For Custody Issues

Martin County Child Custody


Parenting is hard enough for the intact family.  Co-parenting from different households can feel nearly impossible, especially for the recently separated.

The majority of issues and complaints stem from  poor communication with the other parent, and a lack of quality interaction with the children since the split.

Below are three tools that any family can use to avoid, or at least reduce the stress that can result.

Martin County Child Custody


The Family Wizard

The Family Wizard is an online tool developed specifically for co-parenting from different households.  Much like you can enter your budget into online software for keeping your finances straight, you can now keep track of your co-parenting rights and obligations.  The software allows you to customize the time sharing calendar to your parenting plan and make changes to it as you and the other parent agree.  You can… Continue reading

James Ferraro Achieves a Martindale Hubbel AV Rating!

Stuart Civil LitigatorJames Ferraro was recently awarded an AV Rating by Martindale Hubbell!  A Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Rating reflects a combination of achieving a Very High General Ethical Standards rating and a Preeminent Legal Ability numerical rating.

The General Ethical Standards rating denotes adherence to professional standards of conduct and ethics, reliability, diligence and other criteria relevant to the discharge of professional responsibilities.Those lawyers who meet the “Very High” criteria of General Ethical Standards can proceed to the next step in the ratings process.

Legal Ability ratings indicate professional ability within a specific area of practice. Legal Ability ratings are based on performance in five key areas, rated on a scale of 1 to 5 (with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest). These areas are:
 – Legal Knowledge – Lawyer’s familiarity with the laws governing his/her specific area of practice(s)

Does Your Custody Agreement Include Halloween???

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Halloween is scary enough by itself. You don’t need to add the stress, time and money that can result from a vague and unclear timesharing schedule.

With the new Form Parenting Plan and a judicial shift away from the standard, every other weekend visitation schedule, Halloween has evolved as a parenting holiday. Many parents have negotiated Halloween as a special day to share time with their children; similar to Fourth of July, Labor Day and Thanksgiving.

However, Halloween is different.  Since Halloween falls on a different day each year,  it often occurs on a weeknight.  School is usually in session both the day of, and the day after, and daily routines go out the window.  As such,  plans for Halloween should be made well in advanced and agreed to by both parents to avoid… Continue reading

It’s Not a Handout, It’s a Hand up!

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Future Ferraro Law Group Managing Partner Joey Ferraro (Right) congratulates the Sanchez family on their new home

On August 28,  Habitat for Humanity of Martin County Board Member, Nina Ferraro was on hand with son Joey, 7, to celebrate the grand opening of the Carter Park Development in Indiantown and to dedicate the first four homes to the Sanchez, Mondragon, Jackson and Juan families.  “My favorite part was meeting the kids and checking out their new rooms,” said Joey.

Each family contributed 300 sweat equity hours working on their homes and the homes of others as a requirement for becoming Habitat homeowners. Through the donations of funds, materials and volunteer labor, Habitat was able to build these four homes and sell them at an affordable price. The families each purchased their homes with a no-profit loan and their monthly… Continue reading