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Boat Drinks

My good friend Captain Ken Hinsley of Patients Sportfishing in Miami, Florida called me to tell me (brag) that he would be taking out Jimmy Buffet on a sailfish charter during Super Bowl Week in Miami. As I sit here behind my desk wondering what strange twists of fate landed me here instead of there, I began thinking of the Florida Boating Laws (ok, not as exciting as a story about Jimmy reeling in sails, but this is a law blog, right?).

The truth is, even just in the last 10 years or so, there has really been an increase in boaters in and around Florida’s Treasure Coast. Most of them have no idea that there are actually both International and Inland Rules for Navigating vessels in and around Florida’s waters, and that not knowing… Continue reading

Drugs + Alcohol = Problems!

One thing I have noticed over the past decade of representing clients in criminal court is the relationship between drugs and alcohol, and crime. While my observations are hardly scientific, it seems that generally speaking, most misdemeanor offenses involve alcohol – at least on the periphery. And most felonies involve drugs. Almost every domestic violence case that I have handled starts with a six pack of beer, or an officer’s observation of the smell of an alcoholic beverage on the Defendant’s breath, or bloodshot and watery eyes. Almost every theft is the result of a defendant’s need for cash – frequently, because it has already been spent on a drug bought off the street.

Another common problem is when a person has a psychological or physical disorder whether diagnosed or not, that is not properly treated. Often, the result is that person will take drugs… Continue reading

Holiday Tip #101

With the holiday season in full swing and a tight economy to begin with, one simple act can save you thousands in unexpected expenses. Save the phone number to a local taxi company into your cell phone contacts.

Getting a ride to and from holiday parties that will involve casual drinking reduces your chances of getting a DUI down to ZERO.

On the other hand, if facing a DUI in Florida, you would be looking at a maximum sentence of six months in the county jail for a first offense. You would be looking at a mandatory minimum sentence (the judge MUST impose in every case) which would include up to one year of probation to complete the following conditions: a $500.00 fine, plus court costs; attend and complete the DUI School and any recommended treatment; the victim impact panel; 50 community service hours; a… Continue reading

RJ Ferraro III, Criminal Lawyer and Blog Author

RJ Ferraro, III, Stuart, Florida Criminal Defense Attorney

RJ Ferraro, III, has been a criminal defense lawyer serving clients in and around Florida’s Treasure Coast and the Palm Beaches since 2001.  His practices is focused on representing individuals charged with crimes in both State and Federal Court.  RJ has  handled everything from routine traffic tickets to capital felonies.

Despite the fact that the law is constantly changing, ignorance is never a defense. With that in mind, the purpose of this blog is to discuss the issues that continue to re-surface on a consistent basis, and to answer many of the simple questions that people charged with a crime often contemplate.

If you are charged with a crime, the attorneys of the Ferraro Law Group, PL in Stuart, Florida are here for you.

Contact the Stuart, Florida Criminal Defense Attorneys of the Ferraro Law Group, PL today to set up… Continue reading