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Alimony Reform

handing moneyPayment of alimony in Florida can have an element of permanency. Advocates on both sides of the financial equation are keeping their eye on possible reform to this structure. The issue is critical for both sides because for those that are making alimony payments, reform could mean an end to permanent payments. The issue? For those that receive, reform could mean an end to receiving permanent payments. We are ever mindful of the changing legislation that affects your financial stability in a divorce. We have experience representing both sides of this issue and offer sound advice for your position.

Alimony reform is a hot topic, but lawmakers have decided to table the issue. At least for 2014. Make no mistake, efforts to reform Florida’s outdated alimony payment structure will resurface. Some of the things… Continue reading

Financial Stability of your Children After Divorce

piggy bankThe ability to provide for your children after a divorce is an issue that weighs heavily during your divorce case. At Ferraro Law Group we have helped thousands of people get to the other side of divorce in a way that is workable and with plans in place that make sense. We take very seriously the comfort and well-being of your children, and work tirelessly to make sure their lives remain as normal as possible. Of key importance in this endeavor is making certain child support is awarded in an appropriate amount.


The child support guidelines in Florida take into account the following things:


● The financial ability of each parent to pay and/or financially provide for the children.

● The standard of living to which the children are accustomed.

● The age and needs of the children.

When an… Continue reading

The Benefit to Therapy During Divorce

16734424_sThe idea of going to marriage counseling during a divorce may seem fruitless, but only at first. While it is not uncommon for some attempts at therapy to result in one party trying more than the other, with the right approach marriage counseling can actually help you during the divorce case. At Ferraro Law Group, we offer family law services in a way that works for your family. In some cases, participating in counseling during your divorce case results in a better understanding of your family’s needs and how to best approach conflict when it arises.

Psychological professionals agree therapy during divorce is good. The benefits to attending marriage counseling, even while proceeding with a divorce include:

● A safe place: providing the party who initiated the divorce with a place where important issues can be raised in an environment that feels safe helps… Continue reading