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How Long Does Your Criminal Record Last?

Stuart Florida Seal and Expunge Record Lawyer

I may be able to seal or expunge your record.

Forever.  Unfortunately, that possession of alcohol charge that you picked up your freshman year will still show up on your record when you go for that first job interview.  One way to put yourself back on an even ground with the guy competing for that job is to seal or expunge your record.  If you seal or expunge your record, you can legally say you were never arrested.  And for the most part, if you seal or expunge your record, it won’t show up when a prospective employer does a criminal background check.  There are some exceptions.  For example, if you are applying to work in fields that have contact with children or the elderly (generally… Continue reading

What’s your Florida Criminal Score???

Just like your credit, your golf game and your fantasy football league, how you score in a Florida criminal case may affect the rest of your life!  In its infinite wisdom, and in an effort to take discretion away from local judges, the Florida Legislature created a scoring system known as the Florida Criminal Punishment Code to set the parameters for sentencing people that are convicted of Florida Criminal felony offenses.

Martin County Stuart Florida Criminal Lawyer

RJ Ferraro is a Martin County Stuart Florida Criminal DefenseI Lawyer ready to put his experience to work for you.

Each crime has a designated offense level, one being the lowest, ten being the highest.  For example, Possession of Cannabis (more than 20 grams), is a level one offense.  Home Invasion Robbery with a deadly weapon, Treason and other Life Felonies are level 10 offenses.  Once you hit level 7… Continue reading