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Remedies When Your Ex Violates Court Orders

justice scalesOrders of the Court are serious documents. The parties are expected to follow the terms ordered by the Judge, and when violations occur the responsible reaction is to hold the party in violation accountable for their actions. Seeking an Order of Contempt can serve as a wakeup call to a non-compliant ex-spouse that you are serious about abiding by what the Court has ordered and will not tolerate deviations. The Ferraro Law Group knows that circumstances change, and strict adherence to support and other obligations may not always be feasible. However, the law provides avenues for seeking changes to orders rather than allowing for outright ignoring the terms in place. When one party makes the choice to disregard a Court order instead of seeking to have a change made, we fight for your rights to… Continue reading

Making Changes After Divorce is Final

plain handshakeA divorce decree is meant to be the final document that sets forth the details of the divorce between the parties. However, things can change and the need to modify orders requires competent legal counsel. The Ferraro Law Group is staffed with experienced family law attorneys that fight for your rights during the divorce case, and when your needs change after the case reaches conclusion.

Common reasons for seeking a modification include:

● A new job/changed financial circumstances

● Relocation

● Sudden illness or increased childcare expenses

Florida law requires a substantial change in circumstances to make a modification to terms in the divorce decree; most notably when the change requested involves payment of child support. In fact, making a change to property or debt division once the case is final is typically not done. In today’s economy, the inclination is to think of a… Continue reading

Can I Relocate With My Children?

family with kidsAfter the dust settles and the terms of a divorce become final, issues still arise that need handling. One common issue is when one of the parties remarries and needs to relocate with a new spouse. If there are children, the question about removing the children from the same location as one of the parents must be immediately answered. To get the information you need, call an attorney at the Ferraro Law Group with experience in family law cases.

Relocation of children is a legal issue, and when the need to move arises you must seek Court permission. If you have been offered a new job opportunity, have remarried and need to move with your new spouse, or have other needs that require relocation of your children, you will have to file a Petition with the Court allowing the relocation. The Petition… Continue reading

The Decision to Mediate Your Divorce

business partnersDivorce cases are made up of many complex issues, can be volatile, and take a financial as well as emotional toll on the parties. For some couples, the decision to submit their case to mediation is the right choice. The Ferraro Law Group participates in litigation of divorce matters as well as mediation. Our goal is to reach a resolution in a way that is right for you, without advocating for one forum over the other.

After having made the difficult decision to dissolve a marriage, consider the possible benefits of mediation. These benefits include:

● Lower cost

● A generally shorter time from inception to conclusion

● An informal setting, which instantly calms nerves and lowers the chances for emotional responses

● Accountability and meaningful participation for decisions made about the issues that matter to you most

If you are hesitant about… Continue reading


Stuart Florida Real Estate and Estate Planning Attorney

Call Nina for a FREE Consult to discuss your estate plan!

There are different levels of estate planning. At the most basic level, people need to leave directives as to who will care for their children, in the event they are no longer able to do so themselves. Some states break custody of a minor into two categories; physical custody of the child and custody of their financial resources. The most basic level of estate planning is to name those people. There can be a different person for each role, and some people like the “oversight” that this type of setup can provide. Of course, you need to consider the people involved, their personalities and the fact that the person or persons physically caring for the child are going to be beholden to the conservator for financial assistance. You want to choose people who can… Continue reading

Welcome Back Nina!

Stuart Florida Real Estate and Estate Planning AttorneyWe are excited to announce the return of attorney Nina L. Ferraro to the Ferraro Law Group. Nina assists clients throughout the Treasure Coast and Palm Beaches with commercial and residential real estate transactions, estate planning and title insurance.

Nina has practiced in Martin County for more than a decade. After attending the University of South Florida where she graduated magna cum laude, she received her juris doctorate from The Stetson University College of Law in 2001.

The Ferraro Law Group is a law firm with almost four decades of experience and a superior reputation on the Treasure Coast focusing in such practice areas as: high net worth divorce litigation, criminal defense and civil litigation. With the addition of Nina L. Ferraro, We have become a full service firm equipped to zealously represent you on all of your legal needs.

Outside the… Continue reading

A Lesson in Consideration . . . and manners has nothing to do with it!

Josh2.ashxEvery night around eleven o’ clock I wake up, having fallen asleep on the couch in front of the television, and start to go through my nightly routine. I take the dog out one more time before making sure all of the doors are locked and the alarm is set. Generally, when I go through this routine I’m half asleep which means that sometimes (read-pretty much every night) I forget to turn off the fan in the living room.

Invariably, this leads my Wife to tell me that I need a lesson in consideration . . . if only she knew. In fact, I have taken an entire course on consideration and, as the case below illustrates, it’s not always all that it’s cracked up to be.

Consideration, in the legal sense, is an essential element of a contract in which both parties give something… Continue reading