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A Three Point Update On Medical Marijuana

medical marijuana is on its way

Medical Marijuana is still the exception, not the rule in Florida.

In November 2016 the most publicized issue at the voting polls was the choice of president, but there were more issues on the election ballot than just the race for the White House. Most states had local issues to decide and here at home one of those issues was the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes. Known as Amendment 2, the measure passed with just over 70% of the vote. But the “yes” vote was not an all clear to do as one wishes, and in the months that have followed there have been additional questions that have arisen, and getting answers is imperative if anyone is expected to act within the letter of the law.

A quick three point update on the status… Continue reading

Hurricane Mathew Brought Little Rain, Lots of Perspective

Joey Ferraro, 10, with another load headed to Missionary Flights International

Joey Ferraro, 10, with another load headed to Missionary Flights International

Like many of us, Joey Ferraro had never lived through a hurricane when Mathew brushed our coastline.  It had been ten years since the last major storm, and Joey wasn’t sure what all of the excitement was about, but it worried him.  As he watched the constant news updates, he saw Mathew barrel over Haiti, flattening homes and businesses in its path.  When Jim Cantore started broadcasting live from Fort Pierce, worry turned to panic.

We were lucky, the storm missed us.  Joey was relieved.  But he thought about the people of Haiti, and how they fared after the storm.  When he learned of the total devastation, Joey was overcome by emotion and felt compelled to do something.  He wanted to collect supplies but wondered how… Continue reading

One More Piece Of Personal Data You Need To Know About

If you have ever spent any time at the beach you know that you leave a footprint in the sand for every step you take, and that as soon as the tide rolls in your footprint is erased. But in real life it is not as easy to remove all traces of where you have been and what you have done. For instance, if you are arrested for a crime or receive a traffic ticket, there is a record of that event that can be pulled up by the authorities with the click of the mouse. Depending on the severity of the charges, you might find yourself in hot water with the police if you are pulled over for another infraction. However, there are ways you can “erase” previous charges, but you have to qualify for the process. The procedure is referred to as records… Continue reading

Three Ways The Media Can Hurt Your Case

When you are arrested for a crime, the last thing you need is to have your case tried in the “Court of Public Opinion”. But with high profile case that is just what happens sometimes. When an incident is given a lot of media attention, it is not long before people take to social media and voice their opinions. This dual method of having your story splashed across the TV and on the screen of anyone with an internet connection can cause serious problems for your defense. When the public has already made a decision about a highly publicized case, it is hard for a defendant to get a fair shake.

A good example of this type of problem is the case of Adacia Chambers, the 25 year old woman arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and crashing her car into a… Continue reading

Another Successful Michael Shields Memorial, Project LIFT Wins!!!

2011 Logo - Blue RJ Ferraro and a group of buddies founded the Michael Shields Memorial Fishing Tournament to benefit local charities while celebrating the life of their friend.  This year, with a Full Blood Moon and a mullet run in full swing, Anglers on the Treasure Coast fished to benefit the troubled youth of Martin County’s Project LIFT on September 25 and 26.  The Tournament opened with a Captains Reception at River Palm Cottages in Jensen Beach.  With over 400 in attendance, 176 anglers, 144 fished caught and over $35,000 in net proceeds to Project LIFT, the tournament was a huge success! 


The Michael Shields Memorial caters to inshore fishermen of all levels.  Even novices can compete as gold and platinum sponsors are paired with the area’s top fishing guides to fish for snook, tarpon, redfish and trout.  This year,… Continue reading

Important Changes To Federal Sentencing Guidelines

Upon being arrested a criminal defendant’s most pressing concern is the range of punishment. Knowing what to expect by way of fines and possible incarceration helps to prepare you for what lies ahead and can also help aid you when deciding on a defense strategy. When the offense is in federal court rather than state court the Judge is required to adhere to strict sentencing guidelines. Over the years these guidelines have changed. This Fall, criminal defendants in federal matters will see another change. It is important to know what’s in store for the future, even if your case is not a federal case. This is because some prosecutors in state court try to draw parallels to these rules, so understanding the rationale behind them is key to understanding how the criminal judicial system works.

The United States Sentencing Commission has approved the following changes,… Continue reading

Two Ways To Get Ticketed For Texting While Driving

The dangers of texting and driving are well known. Studies show taking your eyes off the road even for the minimal amount of time texting takes can have serious consequences because the time needed to refocus is significant. This means that the dangers of texting and driving are well known. Studies show taking your eyes off the road even for the minimal amount of time texting takes can have serious consequences because the time needed to refocus is significant. This means that when you text and then shift your gaze back to the street you are driving without fully paying attention to the rules of the road. To combat this growing problem and decrease the number of accidents related to texting and driving, Florida has passed a ban on texting while operating a motor vehicle.
The law is close to a year and a half… Continue reading

Florida House Bill Stiffens Texting and Driving Law

police officerFlorida House Bill 1 is on the agenda for this year’s legislative session.  It stiffens penalties for texting and driving and also carves out exceptions for emergency personnel  and navigation among others.  This bill would change a ticket for texting and driving to a non-moving violation which would have substantially higher fines than the current law.  It would also double those fines if the infraction is committed in a school zone.  Most importantly, it does not require that this ticket be issued as a secondary action.  In other words, if this Bill passes you can be pulled over for texting and driving.  And of course, once you are stopped, an officer may look to see what else is in plain view in your vehicle or ask you for consent to look around.  While there are certain exceptions… Continue reading

Can A Sober Driver Be Arrested For DUI?

Being charged with DUI is a frightening experience, it is made even more so when you are not under the influence of alcohol when pulled over and arrested. Most people would be surprised to learn that not every person charged with DUI has been drinking. There are instances where the field sobriety test result is a false positive, due to improper equipment maintenance or even the existence of legal substances such as certain prescription medications.

In one highly publicized case, a sober driver was charged with DUI after the officer hit her! In the summer of 2014 a Wisconsin woman was arrested for DUI after an officer ran a stop sign and plowed into her car. The case unfolded like this:

  • 25 year old Tanya Weyker was hit by an officer who ran a stop sign.

● Weyker was injured in the incident, and therefore… Continue reading

The Trouble With High Profile Cases

Over the years that have been a handful of trials against famous people, and at first blush it might seem like being on the jury would be beneficial. Book deals, interviews, and instant celebrity status can easily be gained when you serve on the jury of a well-known defendant. There is a downside to trials like these though, such as the length of time it can take from start to finish and court orders whereby the jury is sequestered from the public. Not being able to go home every night can really take its toll on a juror’s family, and the time away from work may cause a serious financial burden on a juror.

These are the types of issues lawyers for Aaron Hernandez know to expect, but instead they worry potential jurors may seek to sit on the case for personal gain:

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