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DUI Arrests Are Increasing

business graphThe number of DUI arrests is on the rise, which means drivers must be more vigilant than ever before. A DUI conviction has serious consequences, which impact your personal life and finances. Increased insurance rates and payment of hefty fines are common in DUI cases and this can really interfere with your monthly budget.

While DUI’s are up in nearly every part of the State, central Florida has been hit really hard:

● Arrest rates are up 4% over this time just one year ago.

● Common target areas for police include parts of town near colleges and universities.


The inclination to patrol college areas more heavily typically pays off for police. University campuses see their fair share of social activity, and most likely drinking is involved. With the rate of DUI arrest… Continue reading

How Assault Cases Impact Campus Safety

back of security guardFewer incidents garner as much media attention as an unsafe college campus. This is especially true in the wake of middle and elementary school shootings, and the call for schools of every level to be safer. If one positive can come out of instances of assault, abduction, and campus violence it is to raise awareness among the students. A heightened awareness of possible crimes means people start looking out for each other, and injuries resulting from violent acts decrease.

The No Gator Stands Alone is one such initiative, designed to bring students together at UF. The program is the result of the following:

  • Four incidents of assault were reported, starting August 30.

● The instances of assault total a short ten day period.

The program saw speakers such as the UF Chief of Police and student body president and gave pointers on remaining safe,… Continue reading

Michael Shields Memorial Gives Huge Lift to Project LIFT

2014 First Place Winners team Merrill Lynch with 2014 Top Guide Captain Adam White from Fort Pierce

2014 First Place Winners team Merrill Lynch with 2014 Top Guide Captain Adam White from Fort Pierce

The Weather was perfect, the fishing was decent and the party was epic!  What more can you ask for out of a fishing tournament in late September???  Even despite a heavy rain year with water releases from the lake and spillways, anglers managed to catch all four target species: snook, tarpon, redfish and trout.  And the people who chose not to fish had a great night at the Captains Reception, with the dance floor jamming till after midnight!

This year the proceeds from the Michael Shields Memorial Inshore Open went to Project LIFT, to help the sophomore charity to find and purchase a permanent location to provide Martin County’s at-risk youth with both substance  counseling and vocational training.  Project LIFT has… Continue reading

RJ Ferraro Identified as A Top DUI Attorney in Florida by the National Advocacy for DUI Defense (NAFDD)

Stuart Criminal Defense Attorney

RJ Ferraro has been Defending against DUI Convictions since 2001.

RJ Ferraro, III recently became a member of the National Advocacy for DUI Defense (NAFDD), LLC, an organization that awards the nation’s best private Driving Under the Influence (DUI) attorneys.

NAFDD identifies the top criminal defense attorneys in each state based upon their experience, reputation, and achievements, among other factors. Those who are selected spend a significant portion of their practice representing individuals accused of DUI offenses.

DUI law is a highly complex niche within the field of general criminal defense. Effective DUI attorneys navigate through many complex legal issues, including the lawfulness of stops, detentions, and arrests; the reliability of field sobriety tests; the accuracy of breath and blood testing methods, including retrograde extrapolations; and driver license ramifications and administrative hearings. The attorneys selected by NAFDD have distinguished themselves by demonstrating particularized… Continue reading

NFL Player In Hot Water

footballBeing convicted of a crime is a serious matter. The punishment can be severe, and your personal life can also be impacted. Criminal convictions mean fines, court costs, and possibly loss of employment. These consequences dramatically affect your ability to earn a living and provide for your family as well as leave you feeling emotionally deflated. Celebrities, athletes, and public figures are not immune to facing criminal charges and the ramifications of their actions

To illustrate the point, one need only look as far as the video of Ray Rice knocking his then fiancé unconscious in an elevator. By now most everyone knows the story, but it goes like this:

● In February 2014 Rice and his now wife were in Atlantic City when the Pro Bowler punched his wife and rendered her unconscious.

● After the incident, the NFL suspended Rice for two games.… Continue reading

Can A Tiger Change Its Stripes? Some Good News For Tiger Woods

dad and sonWhen you get a divorce and only see your children part of the time, it is only natural to wonder how your kids are doing when they are with the other parent. In cases where the parties can work together and co-parent, the result is a happier and healthier child who respects authority and parental decisions. This is true even in the case of celebrity divorce, where questions of parenting are often in the spotlight.

In the case of Tiger Woods, most people know the story of how and why his divorce was initiated. It isn’t easy to forget the breaking news that the golfer had wrecked his SUV, and it was later revealed his now ex-wife had come after him with a golf club. So just what does Tiger’s ex have to say about his parenting. You might be surprised to… Continue reading

Why Defending Juveniles Is Important

kid swingingAn arrest has serious consequences for anyone, but when the accused is a juvenile the impact is long lasting. It can be difficult to escape the perception that goes along with having a criminal record, and when you are young this battle is fought your entire life. A criminal record may mean future employment and education opportunities may no longer exist for youthful offenders. Protecting your freedom is an immediate concern when arrested, but your future prospects should also be considered when developing a defense strategy.

ABC News highlights the importance of fighting charges when you are a juvenile, and the impact a criminal record has on your future:

●   A fifteen year old boy is the center of attention in a debate as to how to treat juveniles charged with crimes. In this case, the boy was        … Continue reading

A Victory For Same Sex Visitation Rights

child's painted handChild custody and visitation are typically the most important issues to resolve in a divorce with kids. Finances are a close second, and are usually intermingled with issues regarding your children. This is because making sure your kids are taken care of and maintain a healthy relationship with both parents is a key goal of any family law matter. It is always best if the parents are able to enter a successful post marriage arrangement for visitation and custody, but this is not always the case. All too often the parties allow their emotions to run over and impact the kids, which may include preventing visitation in an attempt to “get back at” the ex. In the end, this type of behavior is more harmful to the children and does not allow families to move forward by taking positive steps post-divorce.

When… Continue reading

How To Leverage Technology In A Divorce

computer cordsStories about how social media can impact a divorce proceeding are becoming more frequent. In most instances, the result is negative. This is due to the use of incriminating posts and photos on social media sites, which more and more Courts are allowing to be used as evidence in matters such as child support and visitation. But, there is a positive side to how technology affects your divorce case. Many sites exist that allow the parties to communicate and resolve issues when face to face conversations are either difficult to schedule or emotionally unpleasant.


Once such site,, allows parents to schedule visitation and discuss important issues affecting their kids in a convenient and non-confrontational forum. Some important things to know about these types of sites include:


● Most include a nominal annual fee.

● Your ex-spouse may request the Court enter… Continue reading

A Day At The Beach Turns Bad

message in a bottleThe Florida beaches are a big draw for tourists year round, but especially in the summer. A beach vacation is one of the greatest memories you can give your family. Kids love to splash in the surf and build sandcastles while their parents sunbathe nearby. Families flock to the coastline to take photos that show up on a holiday card 6 months later.

This idyllic scene was shattered for one North Carolina family visiting Daytona Beach just before the 4th of July for their son’s track meet. Witnesses report:

● A car came through the gates and clipped a tollbooth.

● The driver hit a mother walking on the beach with her family.

● Efforts to revive the woman were unsuccessful.

● The driver was arrested on the scene.

The charges include DUI and manslaughter. Any time a DUI is combined with a… Continue reading