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How Assault Cases Impact Campus Safety

back of security guardFewer incidents garner as much media attention as an unsafe college campus. This is especially true in the wake of middle and elementary school shootings, and the call for schools of every level to be safer. If one positive can come out of instances of assault, abduction, and campus violence it is to raise awareness among the students. A heightened awareness of possible crimes means people start looking out for each other, and injuries resulting from violent acts decrease.

The No Gator Stands Alone is one such initiative, designed to bring students together at UF. The program is the result of the following:

  • Four incidents of assault were reported, starting August 30.

● The instances of assault total a short ten day period.

The program saw speakers such as the UF Chief of Police… Continue reading

Social Media Crimes

computer cordsIt has already been shown that what you post on social media may later be used against you. Law enforcement officials around the country are turning to social media posts more and more to find evidence of crimes. A selfie at a bar  posted moments before a DUI arrest can do wonders for the prosecution’s case against you, and threats you post may help lead authorities to your door when the victim of your rant shows up badly bruised.

Now, a new turn in the realm of social medial and its impact on crimes. The United States Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case involving social media giant, Facebook. The case goes like this:

● In 2010 Facebook user Anthony Elonis posted comments about killing wife.

● Elonis did not stop with comments directed towards his wife, he also targeted an… Continue reading

Aggressive Defense for Charges of Assault

police officerSome things always seem to go together. Batman and Robin, salt and pepper, peanut butter and jelly, and assault and battery, right? Except just like soap and water are two different things; assault and battery are two components of a common crime often lumped together. Competent criminal defense attorneys are quick not to assume where there is smoke, there is fire, and are capable of crafting aggressive defenses for charges of assault.

An assault is legally defined as an act that includes an intentional threat of:

● An act of violence

● By one with the ability to assert violence

● Accompanied by an act that creates a fear that the action will be carried out

A conviction for assault is a second degree misdemeanor conviction. As with any criminal conviction, your record is affected and casts a negative light on you in your… Continue reading