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Keep Out! Trespass Charges

breaking inEntering someone else’s property without permission or ignoring private property signs can lead to criminal charges. The charges can quickly become escalated when additional crimes are committed on the property, or if a firearm or other weapon is involved. Jumping a fence, kicking down a gate, or breaking locks to gain access are obvious examples of how a trespass can occur. A less obvious act of trespass involves a common form of entertainment for youthful offenders.

A recent news story warns would be trespassers to refrain from engaging in “mudding”. For years people have flocked to property behind a neighborhood, sometimes filling their ATV’s with their kids, to “spin out” in the field. Authorities have decided to crack down on this activity, as an act of trespass:

● The property is privately owned,… Continue reading

Crimes Involving Taxes

1040 Form (1)At this time of year, summer vacation is on most peoples’ minds. But for some, the cost of luxuries is just not in the budget. The added pressure of owing Uncle Sam, on an already depressed financial status causes some people to stick their heads in the sand and simply not file returns. This is the worst possible thing you can do! Given the IRS’ willingness to work out payment plans and in the most extreme cases consider an account uncollectible, it is better to face the music than run and hide.

Tax evasion is a crime. The crime of tax evasion involves employing illegal means to avoid payment of taxes. The crime is classified as a felony and upon conviction carries stiff penalties. But it is possible to beat the IRS. A recent article tells the story of a former mayor and his… Continue reading

Unseen Costs of Criminal Cases

Ahhh...The Scent Of MoneyBeing arrested for a crime is not only an emotionally stressful event, but can also be financially significant. Fines and costs add up quickly in criminal cases. Our goal is to help minimize the financial impact an arrest has on your family, while providing high quality legal representation.

Some of the unseen costs of criminal cases are those passed on to taxpayers. A recent article highlights these costs:

● The cost of jurors: in high profile cases, the cost of feeding and housing the jurors falls to the State

● Court costs: filing or participating in a trial is not free, the Court Clerk charges fees for filing cases and documents

● Security for jurors and witnesses

Costs are the responsibility of the Defendant, and in certain cases like the one mentioned in the above article, some costs are passed on to taxpayers.… Continue reading

Legalizing Medical Marijuana

medical face image with maskNovember brings Thanksgiving and Black Friday, two of America’s favorite days. This year though, November will also bring a vote to Floridians on the issue of medical marijuana. With this vote, there are sure to be more questions than answers. Will we see an increase in claims of medical use, as a defense to possession charges? Will the law be well written so as to avoid confusion over just this issue? Or will we face an onslaught of cases somewhere in the middle, and be left to figure out the intricacies? Regardless of the outcome, the lawyers at the Ferraro Law Group are closely watching this issue so they can be armed with relevant information for their clients.

The proposed law’s history is relatively short. First contemplated at the beginning of the 2013 legislative session, the idea was quickly tabled. Now, just over a… Continue reading

Defending Crimes Committed for Financial Gain

Briefcase full of moneyIn a tough economy, it may be difficult to resist the urge to take advantage of the unsuspecting. White collar crimes and crimes such as embezzlement are those types of crimes that are committed for financial gain. And while these types of acts usually make for good stories and Hollywood screenplays, in real life the long term effects of conviction can be devastating. AT the Ferraro Law Group we offer seasoned advice for those facing charges of white collar crimes.

A recent article chronicled a common white collar crime; the Ponzi scheme. In the case of Kim Rothstein, we saw:

● A prison sentence handed down.

● An end to the bankruptcy of former business associates of Rothsetin.

● Payment by Rothstein’s bank of over $500 million with regard to the Ponzi scheme

These types of crimes are prosecuted by the state or federal government,… Continue reading

Tough Defense for Digital Crimes

face on laptopThe advent of the world wide web opened a lot of technological doors, for a lot of people. For the most part the internet is used as intended, as a source of reference and most recently for social networking. It is the social networking aspect that can sometimes get people in trouble though. Websites such as Facebook and LinkedIn allow virtual strangers to learn the private matters of your life, if precautions are not taken. When an internet acquaintance becomes an obsession, it is possible to bring charges of cyber stalking and other digital crimes.

To combat unwanted threats originating from the internet, Florida has an anti-stalking law in place This statute makes it a crime for those that engage in the following:

● Harassment, over a period of time that establishes a pattern of conduct.

● The pattern of conduct demonstrates a threat.

●… Continue reading

The Ins And Outs of Posting Bond

handing moneyWhen you are arrested, the Judge may order a bond be posted. The purpose of this bond is to make sure you show back up for your Court appearance after being released from jail. Most people simply don’t have the cash to put up for a bond, so will use a bonding company for this purpose. The process can be intimidating, but the experienced attorneys from the Ferraro Law Group are here to help. We make sure the bond amount set is appropriate for the offense, and handle the paperwork with the bonding company.

Considerations for whether allowing a person to be released from jail in exchange for posting bond, the Court examines the following factors:

● The severity of the crime charged

● The weight of evidence against the accused

● The likelihood the defendant will flee the jurisdiction;… Continue reading

The Pitfalls of Probation

lady in handcuffsIn the world of criminal law, any good news for an accused is always welcome. So knowing that following the rules of probation may give you good cause to seek a shortened probationary term is important to know. It is also important to know not every request may be honored. There are many pitfalls on the probation road, and protecting your rights by using a competent attorney is essential to avoiding a stumble. The attorneys at Ferraro Law Group are accomplished in criminal law matters and have experience in probation issues.

A probation case in the spotlight, nationally and locally is that of Debra LaFave. In that case, the teacher accused of an inappropriate relationship with an underage student:

● Successfully argued for a shortened probationary term, and enjoyed a short period of time of freedom

● The Court later reversed that decision,… Continue reading

Effective Defense for Guns and Weapons Charges

justice scalesGun ownership and control is a hot topic. The right to own and bear arms is not only newsworthy, but carries with it complex legal rights, responsibilities and prohibitions. The sheer volume of gun and weapons related laws makes it difficult to fully understand these rights and misunderstandings are common. The Ferraro Law Group is knowledgeable in interpreting and applying the laws that affect you when a weapons related charge is made.

The law that applies to your case depends on the facts of the circumstances. Florida weapons laws cover a wide range of topics, including:

● Permits and Licenses: not needed for a shotgun, rifle or handgun. But in no instance may a convicted felon purchase a weapon of these types unless his civil rights have been restored

● Reciprocity: reciprocity of your right to carry a weapon means you don’t have to apply… Continue reading

How Long Does Your Criminal Record Last?

Stuart Florida Seal and Expunge Record Lawyer

I may be able to seal or expunge your record.

Forever.  Unfortunately, that possession of alcohol charge that you picked up your freshman year will still show up on your record when you go for that first job interview.  One way to put yourself back on an even ground with the guy competing for that job is to seal or expunge your record.  If you seal or expunge your record, you can legally say you were never arrested.  And for the most part, if you seal or expunge your record, it won’t show up when a prospective employer does a criminal background check.  There are some exceptions.  For example, if you are applying to work in fields that have contact with children or the elderly (generally schools and hospitals), those industries will still have access even… Continue reading