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Crimes Involving Taxes

1040 Form (1)At this time of year, summer vacation is on most peoples’ minds. But for some, the cost of luxuries is just not in the budget. The added pressure of owing Uncle Sam, on an already depressed financial status causes some people to stick their heads in the sand and simply not file returns. This is the worst possible thing you can do! Given the IRS’ willingness to work out payment plans and in the most extreme cases consider an account uncollectible, it is better to face the music than run and hide.

Tax evasion is a crime. The crime of tax evasion involves employing illegal means to avoid payment of taxes. The crime is classified as a felony and upon conviction carries stiff penalties. But it is possible to beat the IRS. A recent… Continue reading

Maintaining Privacy as You Stand Your Ground

business man hand point to virtual business network process diagThe Stand Your Ground Law has made national and local headlines. It is commonly known that the law provides the right to self-defense, but since the spotlight was turned routinely accessing court records in criminal cases where the defense was raised. Efforts to allow defendants who successfully use the defense to seal their records is up for debate by legislators. As with any hot button issue, there are pros and cons and advocates for positions on both sides of the issue. Our job at Ferraro Law Group is to stay on top of the law, its changes, and how new developments affect our clients.

A recent news story explains some of the advantages and pitfalls of changing the way the Stand Your Ground law works:

● Limiting media access to Court records may result in less media frenzy when high profile cases come to trial,… Continue reading

Unseen Costs of Criminal Cases

Ahhh...The Scent Of MoneyBeing arrested for a crime is not only an emotionally stressful event, but can also be financially significant. Fines and costs add up quickly in criminal cases. Our goal is to help minimize the financial impact an arrest has on your family, while providing high quality legal representation.

Some of the unseen costs of criminal cases are those passed on to taxpayers. A recent article highlights these costs:

● The cost of jurors: in high profile cases, the cost of feeding and housing the jurors falls to the State

● Court costs: filing or participating in a trial is not free, the Court Clerk charges fees for filing cases and documents

● Security for jurors and witnesses

Costs are the responsibility of the Defendant, and in certain cases like the one mentioned in the above article, some costs are passed on to taxpayers.… Continue reading

Legalizing Medical Marijuana

medical face image with maskNovember brings Thanksgiving and Black Friday, two of America’s favorite days. This year though, November will also bring a vote to Floridians on the issue of medical marijuana. With this vote, there are sure to be more questions than answers. Will we see an increase in claims of medical use, as a defense to possession charges? Will the law be well written so as to avoid confusion over just this issue? Or will we face an onslaught of cases somewhere in the middle, and be left to figure out the intricacies? Regardless of the outcome, the lawyers at the Ferraro Law Group are closely watching this issue so they can be armed with relevant information for their clients.

The proposed law’s history is relatively short. First contemplated at the beginning of the 2013 legislative session, the idea was quickly tabled. Now, just over a… Continue reading

Defending Crimes Committed for Financial Gain

Briefcase full of moneyIn a tough economy, it may be difficult to resist the urge to take advantage of the unsuspecting. White collar crimes and crimes such as embezzlement are those types of crimes that are committed for financial gain. And while these types of acts usually make for good stories and Hollywood screenplays, in real life the long term effects of conviction can be devastating. AT the Ferraro Law Group we offer seasoned advice for those facing charges of white collar crimes.

A recent article chronicled a common white collar crime; the Ponzi scheme. In the case of Kim Rothstein, we saw:

● A prison sentence handed down.

● An end to the bankruptcy of former business associates of Rothsetin.

● Payment by Rothstein’s bank of over $500 million with regard to the Ponzi scheme

These types of crimes are prosecuted by the state or federal government,… Continue reading