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Assault’s Big Brother: Battery

police with handcuffsSome cases of battery are more obvious than others. An all-out bar brawl, resulting in broken bones and hospital stays is much easier to identify as battery than a simple shove. But both of these examples demonstrate cases of battery. The seasoned lawyers at Ferraro Law Group have experience in battery cases of all degrees. Put this experience to work for you, and fight for a case result in your favor.

Battery is legally defined as:

● An intentional or unwanted touching

● That results in bodily injury

Keep in mind the bodily injury caused by the touching does not necessarily have to be visible. It can be enough for an alleged victim to state they were touched, or the touching hurt them. Unfortunately, it can be enough for the victim to give testimony… Continue reading

The Life Cycle of A Criminal Case

R.J. Ferraro, III.  Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer

RJ Ferraro has been practicing Criminal Defense since 2001.

Navigating the Criminal Justice System can be a daunting task for a person who has never been in trouble before.  One of the most frustrating aspects is the lack of information or direction on what could happen next.  This is a short guide on the life cycle of a criminal case.

Every criminal case starts with an arrest.

An arrest may or may not include a trip to the county jail.  Sometimes on misdemeanor offenses, the officer may elect to give you a Notice to Appear in Court rather than take you downtown.  If he gives you a Notice to Appear, consider it your lucky day (sort of).  With a Notice to Appear, you will not have to post a bail bond, and your name will not show up on most… Continue reading