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3 Tips To Make Sure Fighting For Your Kids Doesn’t Turn Into Just Plain Fighting

child hand in adult handEveryone wants to feel loved and secure. This is even more true when you are a child. Throw in the fact the parents are divorcing and most kids need reassurance they are loved by both parents and that their lives will be as normal as possible. It is important to stand up for the rights of your children, but in order to maintain a healthy environment, it should be done properly. The ultimate result should be one that provides a loving home life for children of divorce, and provides a sense of security.


Mental health experts agree when the parents are able to make decisions regarding their children without conflict, everyone wins. Here are 3 tips on how you can fight for your child, but not fight with your ex:

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Maintaining Your Kids’ Schedules

brother and sisterOne of the marks of a successful outcome in a divorce case is that the kids’ lives remain stable and consistent. The Courts and attorneys work hard to reach results that are in the best interests of the children and develop a parenting plan that works for the family. This includes allowing your kids to continue participation in regular activities. While scheduling concerns arise less frequently in the summer months, when school is in session it is more likely you will experience a scheduling conflict with your ex-spouse.

To make sure you are able to maintain the visitation and custody schedule put in place in the Court throughout the year, experts suggest the following:

  • Communicate, communicate, communicate. The best scenario is one where the parents remain friendly after the divorce and are able to talk to each other calmly. If this is not your situation,… Continue reading

A Change In Child Custody Laws

man holding hands with kidUp until recently the law on child custody in Florida made determinations as to who is the primary caregiver, the secondary caregiver, and who has custody. This meant that for the non-custodial parent, issues of visitation also had to be decided. The result of this system was that parents were constantly in Court fighting over who got Thanksgiving and who got Christmas, and which house the children would call “home”. In an effort to find a way to siphon through the cases and reach solutions without the need for Court intervention at every turn, the Florida legislature recently changed the law.

The concept of time-sharing is now the law in Florida. Time-sharing requires the Court to consider many factors when formulating a plan, some of which include:

  • The relationship between the parent and child, and the ability of the parent to develop a relationship.… Continue reading

When Custody And Property Rights Collide

house and gavelWhen a couple with children divorces, issues of custody and visitation always arise. Part of reaching a decision about the kids is figuring out who makes important decisions regarding important issues, such as medical treatment and child care. And of course one of the most difficult decisions, that no parent should ever face, is how to pay last respects to a child when that child predeceases the parent. When the parents are divorced, this unimaginably hard time can be made even more so if the parties are unable to reach an agreement on final arrangements.

A case that highlights the legal complexities of dealing with property rights and children in a divorce was reported by the local news:

● Four years ago, Scott Wilson’s life was cut tragically short.

● Wilson was the victim of a drunk driver, and his remains were cremated… Continue reading