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How Can I Clear my Record?

happy ladyAfter a criminal case is over, many people want to take steps to clean their record. A clean record helps when looking for a job, seeking to reinstate driving privileges or when filling out applications for certain types of professional licenses. The way to clear your record of an arrest or charge is by either record sealing or expunction. When asking that your record be sealed or expunged, it is important to use an attorney familiar with the process. The criminal defense attorneys at Ferraro Law Group can help you clear the slate, which will help you reach your goals and plan for a more stable future.

In Florida, expunction, sometimes referred to as expungement of criminal records is available under certain circumstances. The first step is to file a petition making… Continue reading

How Long Does Your Criminal Record Last?

Stuart Florida Seal and Expunge Record Lawyer

I may be able to seal or expunge your record.

Forever.  Unfortunately, that possession of alcohol charge that you picked up your freshman year will still show up on your record when you go for that first job interview.  One way to put yourself back on an even ground with the guy competing for that job is to seal or expunge your record.  If you seal or expunge your record, you can legally say you were never arrested.  And for the most part, if you seal or expunge your record, it won’t show up when a prospective employer does a criminal background check.  There are some exceptions.  For example, if you are applying to work in fields that have contact with children or the elderly (generally schools and hospitals), those industries will still have access even… Continue reading