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How To Prepare A Financial Affidavit

dollar signIn Florida, the parties are required to prepare and submit a financial affidavit when seeking a divorce. An affidavit is a sworn statement, that the information contained therein is true and accurate. When divorcing, it is crucial to provide accurate information to the Court and to your ex-spouse. Anything less than full disclosure can cause serious consequences and may lead to undesirable results.

The form for the financial affidavit is provided by the Court, and completed by you along with the assistance of your attorney. There is a short form (for cases where income is under $50,000.00) and a long form. The long form is used when income exceeds $50,000.00 per year. Some things to consider when filling out either form are:

‚óŹ Monthly Income: regardless of your pay frequency, the form calls… Continue reading