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How Divorce Affects The Stay At Home Parent

little hands in big handsWhen a couple gets married, one of the major decisions they make together is when to start a family. For some couples this means one of the parents stops working to stay home with the kids. When those couples divorce, it is important for the stay at home parent to understand the consequences of having decided to forego a career.

When a divorce is sought, the Court will make a division of the marital assets as well as make other important financial rulings. If you have stayed at home instead of pursuing a professional life, you should be concerned about your economic future. Some common concerns:

  • Your skills set may be outdated, making it difficult to find employment.
  • Your children may still be at a young age, and require a stay at home parent.… Continue reading

A Smooth Transition To Step-parenting

family with kidsPart of divorce is remarriage. When a couple ends their marriage it is not unusual for one or both of the parties to remarry. Many second or third marriages include children from previous relationships. This can turn a parent into an instant step parent. Sometimes this transition is difficult, as divorce can be hard on the kids. But, a smooth transition is key to a healthy future for all involved.

Building trust with a step child is crucial to developing a strong relationship between a step parent and their new spouse’s children. Some tips to help include:

● Try allowing letting your spouse resolve conflict, without your intervention.

● Assert your concerns without degrading your stepchild.

● Recognize when your participation isn’t effective, and take a step back from the situation.

Knowing when to pick your battles is an important way to keep the peace… Continue reading

Can A Tiger Change Its Stripes? Some Good News For Tiger Woods

dad and sonWhen you get a divorce and only see your children part of the time, it is only natural to wonder how your kids are doing when they are with the other parent. In cases where the parties can work together and co-parent, the result is a happier and healthier child who respects authority and parental decisions. This is true even in the case of celebrity divorce, where questions of parenting are often in the spotlight.

In the case of Tiger Woods, most people know the story of how and why his divorce was initiated. It isn’t easy to forget the breaking news that the golfer had wrecked his SUV, and it was later revealed his now ex-wife had come after him with a golf club. So just what does Tiger’s ex have to say about his parenting. You might be surprised to… Continue reading