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The Top Two Ways To Violate Probation

Agreeing to go on probation is a good way to stay out of jail if you have been charged with a crime. But, it only works if you are able to stick to the terms of your probation. When you do that, you get the benefit of the bargain you made, which most times includes a reduction or dismissal of the charges against you. However, if you make a mistake, it can cost you your probation and more. A probation violation is a new charge, so you will now have to defend that charge and the original charge. And when you violate probation, you are likely to be punished to the full extent of the law for the initial charge filed against you. So, knowing what to do while on probation becomes of… Continue reading

Four Things About Probation You May Not Know

Not everyone is well versed in the law, but there are some basic things that are well known. For example, most people know that if a couple gets divorced and they have kids, decisions will have to be made about custody and support. But the intricate details of those decisions are the lesser known things that should be left in the hands of a capable attorney to help determine. In criminal cases it is common knowledge that probation is a good way to resolve a case without having to go to jail. Most people are even aware that there are certain rules and requirements that have to be followed while on probation, and if those rules and requirements are not followed then the probation can be revoked. But there is more to probation and a probation violation than these basics, and knowing a few… Continue reading

Four Possible Penalties For Violating Probation

Violating probation is a serious thing, which can land you in serious trouble. When probation is violated the defendant is taken off of probation, and has to prepare for a legal battle regarding the initial charge as well as a few other charges. The end result could be a stiff financial fine, jail time, or probably both. If you are charged with violating probation you need to give the matter all of your attention, so you can get a result that works. A qualified criminal defense attorney can help.

Four possible penalties for violating probation, other than revocation of the probationary term, are:

  • Your will be charged with the crime of probation violation. This is a separate charge from the original charge you were facing, and has to be defended separately.
  • Whatever act resulted in the violation will also be a new charge… Continue reading

Two Unique Facts About Probation Violations

It is pretty common knowledge that if you agree to go on probation to resolve a criminal case against you, you have to do certain things. You also have to refrain from doing certain things, like getting into more trouble. If you are caught doing something you are not supposed to do, such as staying out past curfew or failing to take Court ordered rehab courses; or if you do something you are not supposed to do, like get arrested for a new crime, your probation can be revoked. When probation is revoked the defendant has to figure out how to resolve the original case against them, defend the new case charges, and also defend the probation violation charge. This can be a lot to take in, but with the right criminal defense attorney by your side you can get through this process.

But there… Continue reading

Five Things You Might Not Know About Probation

VOP probation technical violation

Probation is an excellent option if you can follow the rules.

If you have been placed on probation then you know that there are certain things you can do and certain things that are prohibited. You probably also know that if you do something that is prohibited you can be charged with violating your probation. A probation violation or VOP is a new charge that you have to defend, and with every violation comes the risk that your supervision will be revoked. All of this is should sound familiar if you have been arrested and negotiated a plea that included a term of probation. But there are also some things about probation that are not as obvious, but just as important.

Five things you might not know about probation, but should if you are considering agreeing to a term, are:

The Three Best Ways To Violate Probation

If you have decided to take an offer of probation in order to avoid going to jail while also resolving criminal charges against you, you must take special care to follow all of the rules if you expect a good result. The Court will expect you to know what you are allowed to do, and what you are not allowed to do while on probation. If you do not understand any of the terms of your probation, you will not be given a “free pass” for that misunderstanding and the results can be quite harsh. But it is not always clear what the rules are, so before you take an offer of probation to resolve your case, be sure to get an explanation of the terms.

The three most common violations of probation, and thus the three best ways to commit a… Continue reading

Three Reasons To Follow The Rules Of Your Probation

The idea of going to jail is not appealing…to anyone. But if you get arrested for a crime, even a misdemeanor, there is a chance that you could spend some time behind bars. One good way to avoid this outcome is to agree to go on probation. Probation allows you to stay out of jail while still serving your sentence and being “punished”. The key is to follow all of the terms of your probation though, so at the end the charge against you are either dismissed or reduced (whatever agreement you made when deciding probation was the answer for you).

Three reasons to follow the rules of your probation are:

  • A violation will get you in trouble by leading to a new charge, that of violation of probation. Plus, you will have to now stand and face the full range of punishment possible for… Continue reading

Five Things That Happen When You Violate Probation

Agreeing to a term of probation will keep you out of jail, but only if you are able to fully comply with all of your probationary terms. Some of the requirements will seem more administrative in nature, meaning you will need to keep your records updated and make sure you check in when required. But one of the biggest requirements of any term of probation is the requirement that you remain arrest free and commit no new crimes while serving your probation. If you are picked up on a new charge your probation can be revoked and you will have to face the full weight of your original offense, plus the offense of probation violation and now the new crime you are charged with as well. That adds up to at least 3 charges you will now face, and even if the new charges are… Continue reading

Three Things To Remember While On Probation

Agreeing to go on probation as a way to avoid to jail works in a large number of criminal cases, as long as you know what to do during the probationary term. But if you are not aware of what is required of you while you are on probation, you run the risk of committing a probation violation. If you are charged with a violation of probation you can have your probation revoked and will also have to defend against the violation. So to make the most of the agreement you made when going on probation, it is critical to make sure you know what to expect. A good defense attorney will explain your probation terms to you, and negotiate for terms you can follow.

While every case a different set of terms of probation, there are some things that apply… Continue reading

Three Tips For A Successful Probation

Agreeing to go on probation sounds like a good idea if you have been charged with a crime, because it will keep you out of jail. If you have a family, a job, or other responsibilities staying out of jail will allow you to carry on with your life. But the only way you can reap the benefits of probation is if you follow all of the rules. To do that, you will need to know what you are supposed to do, and it is always good to have some pointers.

Three tips for having a successful probation are:

  • If you are required to perform community service, be sure to schedule it early. The sooner you start checking things off your probation to do list, the sooner you can rest easy knowing you are course for success. But, if you put off things that need… Continue reading
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