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One Way New Crimes Land You In Jail Instead Of Probation

Agreeing to enter a term of probation is a popular way to resolve minor criminal cases. The agreement typically requires the offender to stay out of trouble, and to check in with a probation officer every so often. These requirements sound easy enough, but a large percentage of persons serving probation find ways to get in trouble again, which means revocation of probation and new criminal charges being filed. In some cases the violation is clear, and in others the violation is harder to detect. Committing a new crime is an actual violation of probation, but seemingly harmless things like missing a call from your probation officer are also considered violations and can land you in hot water. Missing a call or failing to make an appointment are classified as technical violations, and can… Continue reading

Three Things To Help You Have A Successful Probation

It is common for criminal cases to be resolved by the defendant agreeing to enter a term of probation. The exact requirements vary from case to case, but must be followed in every case in order for the defendant to receive the benefit of their bargain. In order to have a successful probationary period, it is essential to fully understand what is expected of you, and what you are not allowed to do during this time. The approach we take is one that gives you this understanding, because we believe your success is linked to ours.

Three things that will help you to have a successful probationary term include doing the following:

  • Showing up for all scheduled appointments with your probation officer, and keeping your probation officer informed of your address and other contact information. If you are unable to keep an… Continue reading

Three Ways To Have Your Probation Revoked

Many criminal cases are resolved by the Defendant agreeing to go on probation. Probation is a way to stay out of jail, but still “serve” time for the charges against you. The terms of probation depend on the type of charges, and must be followed exactly as written in order to receive the benefits. Sometimes the terms can be hard to understand, and this results in violations, which in turn cause the probation to be revoked. When probation is revoked, the Defendant is charged with the crime of probation violation and is also required to serve the original sentence. This can work a real hardship on an accused, especially if the original sentence included a lengthy term of imprisonment. In order to avoid a violation, make sure you understand what is expected of you while on probation. When you have a clear understanding… Continue reading

Understanding The Two Ways Probation Can Be Violated

If you agree to go on probation to resolve a criminal case against you, it is imperative that you fully understand the terms of your probation. Any violation, no matter how small, can be considered a probation violation and get you into more trouble than the original case. In order to successfully complete probation, let us help you understand what is expected of you.

Probation violations fit within two legal categories There are technical violations, and actual violations of probation. The difference is important, because technical violations can be hard to identify. If you are unable to identify what violates your probation, it will be hard not to do things that are considered a violation of your probation. The two ways probation can be violated are best explained as follows:

Two Important Facts About Probation

For many criminal defendants, the thought of going on probation is confusing. While a good number of cases are resolved in this way, there are also a large number of criminal defendants that are unable to successfully complete their probationary term. When this happens, the defendant ends up back in Court and is made to face the original charge as well as a probation violation. It can be frustrating to suddenly face multiple charges, but with a little planning probation violations can be easily avoided. We can help by negotiating terms of probation that are manageable, and giving you a thorough explanation of what is required while you are on probation.

Probation violations  are either technical or actual. These are two important facts to know about probation, because either type of violation can mean your probation is revoked and the sentence… Continue reading

The Top Three Things To Know About Probation

Probation is a popular way to resolve a criminal case. Going on probation allows you to stay out of jail, which means you can still go to work or school, and keep up with your daily routine. A successful probation is one where you complete all the requirements of the probationary term, and then receive a reduction in the charges against you or an outright dismissal of the case. It sounds easy enough, but sometimes the probation requirements are hard to understand. If you are unclear about what is expected of you while on probation the chances are high that you will commit a probation violation. If that happens you will not receive the promised benefits at the end of your probationary term, and you will also face the new charge of having violated our probation. In order to avoid this harsh… Continue reading

An Explanation Of The Two Types Of Probation Violations

Entering a plea in exchange for a term of probation in a criminal case is a popular way to resolve the charges against you. However, it is critical to fully understand the terms of your probation and the possible types of violations. This is because if you violate your probationary terms you will face not only the new charge of the violation, but be made to answer for the original charges. This combination of criminal charges against you can lead to jail time and hefty financial penalties. Therefore, taking care to stay out of trouble while on probation is key to a successful term.

Probation violations fall into certain categories. The Court does not differentiate between the types of violation when imposing punishment, but that does not mean ignoring the type of violation will make the problem go away. The two types of probation… Continue reading

Four Probation Basics

Understanding the terms of your probation will help you avoid a violation. Knowing what to expect when entering a plea and agreeing to go on probation and what you can and cannot do once on probation is critical for successful completion of your probationary term. There are general rules that are in place in every case, and then there are specific parameters that will apply only to you. A violation will land you back in Court, and possibly jail. Violations can be technical, or actual. A technical violation is one that concerns administrative requirements of your terms, such as failing to report to your probation officer as scheduled. An actual violation is one where a new crime is committed.

Four Probation basics that are helpful to know include the following:

  • After careful negotiation with the prosecution, you agree to enter a plea to the… Continue reading

Do Not Pass Go, Go Directly To Jail!

Being placed on probation can be the best way to avoid serving time in jail, but it can also be the best way to land yourself in jail. If you fail to abide by the terms of your probation, the likelihood you will be required to serve time is very real. In order to avoid this possibility, consult a skilled criminal defense attorney for help.

Florida law treats probation violations seriously, and so should you. The basics of probation are that you do not receive any other tickets, that you check in with your probation officer as scheduled, and that you pay your fines on time. Failure to do any of these things could result in a new arrest and new charges, not to mention the revocation of your probationary term. When that happens, the prosecution will seek to have the punishment for your… Continue reading

Three Reasons To Follow The Rules Of Probation

A large number of criminal cases are resolved by the defendant entering an agreement with the prosecution to go on probation for a period of time. The exact terms of the probation depend on the case, but in every case if the rules are not followed, the defendant can face additional charges and be in more trouble than when the initial case was filed. This sounds easy enough, but because many of the terms of probation are unclear, it is common for violations to occur. In order to make sure you do not violate your probation, it is best to have a clear understanding of the terms before you even leave the Courthouse.

A probation violation  is a new crime, and carries with it a new possibility for punishment. What this means to the criminal defendant is that there is now the need… Continue reading