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Three Types Of Driver’s Licenses That Can Get You In Trouble

There is no greater thrill for a sixteen year old than taking the driver’s test, and passing! A driver’s license brings with a certain amount of freedom, and that is something all of us can crave. But if you have had too many tickets, been convicted of a DUI, or committed some other act that has caused the State to take away your right to drive, you have to be extra careful. Until it happens to you, you might not think you’d ever sit down behind the wheel of a car without a license, but it does happen.

Three types of driver’s licenses that can get you in trouble with the law are

  • A suspended license.
  • A revoked license.
  • An expired license.

Your license might get either suspended or revoked if… Continue reading

Two Ways To Go To Jail For Driving Without A License

In order to take the wheel of a car you have to have a driver’s license. But not everyone is able to pass the test, or perhaps your license has been suspended and you still need to get around so you take a chance and drive yourself to work or school. In instance, driving without a license or driving while your license is suspended, you can be convicted of a crime and face potential jail time. There are a few things you need to know about these kinds of cases, including how to defend them and how you might find yourself in a tight spot for driving when you are not supposed to be driving.

One way to wind up without a driver’s license is to simply never take the driver’s test, in that instance your crime is driving without a license if you go… Continue reading

What Happens If My License Is Suspended?

The ability to drive is an important one, without a driver’s license it is difficult to get where you need to go. There are a few instances that might put your driving privileges in jeopardy, including a DUI conviction or the accumulation of too many points on your driving record. To maintain your right to drive, make sure you take an assertive stance when defending the charges against you.

The first thing you should do when charged with a traffic violation, or DUI, is contact an attorney that will properly defend you. Some traffic charges, and all DUI cases involve the possibility that your driving privileges will be revoked. In the case of a DUI matter, you are on a strict timeline to request your ability to drive not be revoked. The procedure for obtaining a modified license includes:

● Appealing the decision to revoke… Continue reading