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How To Tell If Your Kids Need Therapy After Divorce

kid swingingFeeling guilty about the impact your divorce has on your kids is not uncommon. But according to statistics, thousands of kids go through the divorce of their parents annually. You can get your kids through your divorce and raise happy, healthy children. But, there are times when your job will be to get your kids professional mental help. There is no shame in therapy, and its benefits are immeasurable.


An organization devoted to issues involving children offers guidance on how to recognize if your kids need therapy:


● An increase in conflict between the child and the parent

● Refusing to participate in family activities or visitation with a parent

● An increase in health issues

● Depression

● Problems in school

● Difficulty sleeping

● Withdrawing from friends


It… Continue reading

How Can A Therapist Help During Divorce?

wordsThe reasons for divorce are as unique as the couple. Some people seek a divorce as a result of financial stress, infidelity, immaturity, or simply because the couple has grown apart. Whatever the reason for your divorce, the benefit of therapy during and after divorce is great. Therapy can help you work through the range of emotions divorce brings, even if you are the one that initiated the proceedings.

A good article on the benefits of therapy for divorcing couples states marriage therapy can:

  • Help you overcome feelings of guilt and social ostricization.
  • Help provide the emotional tools necessary to deal with a manipulative ex-spouse.


  • Give you the psychological strength to co-parent your children.


Counseling during the divorce is also helpful because it results in the parties understanding the reasons for divorce, and how to move forward as a single person.… Continue reading

A Therapist’s Role In Divorce

ToughThe decision to end a marriage is never an easy one. For some couples, the decision is the result of a lot of hard work and effort to repair the relationship. For others, the need to participate in therapeutic activities after the divorce is necessary. Whatever your circumstances, therapy can play a huge role in the divorce process. A qualified counselor can help provide the tools needed to move past a painful split, can help kids adjust to a new family dynamic, and can provide invaluable emotional insight.

Most importantly, a good therapist can help you realize you are not a failure just because you divorced. Counseling sessions can also result in a renewed strength, and allow you to move forward in a way that is best for you. Articles from mental health professionals put it best. Therapy can:

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The Benefit to Therapy During Divorce

16734424_sThe idea of going to marriage counseling during a divorce may seem fruitless, but only at first. While it is not uncommon for some attempts at therapy to result in one party trying more than the other, with the right approach marriage counseling can actually help you during the divorce case. At Ferraro Law Group, we offer family law services in a way that works for your family. In some cases, participating in counseling during your divorce case results in a better understanding of your family’s needs and how to best approach conflict when it arises.

Psychological professionals agree therapy during divorce is good. The benefits to attending marriage counseling, even while proceeding with a divorce include:

● A safe place: providing the party who initiated the divorce with a place where important issues can be raised in an environment that feels safe helps… Continue reading