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The Number One Requirement For A Valid Traffic Stop

If you have ever been driving over the speed limit, and had a police cruiser pull up behind you, your first instinct is to tap the brakes to slow your speed. If you are successful, you might avoid being pulled over and being written a speeding ticket. But, if not, you run the risk of receiving a citation if the officer decides to have you pull to the side of the road. If you have been drinking, things can quickly escalate, and you can be arrested and charged with DUI. Neither of these seem like fun, and both can cost you your time and money.

But unlike a routine traffic stop, a DUI requires something more than being paced by a police officer, or having a radar read out of your speed. In… Continue reading

Five Things You Should Do If You Are Pulled Over

Any time the red and blue lights of a police patrol car come into focus in your rearview mirror, you might be inclined to panic. Getting pulled over for a traffic violation is not only inconvenient; it can lead to harmful consequences as far as your ability to drive is concerned. Depending on the type of citation you receive, the punishment can include imprisonment and loss of your driver’s license. With a DUI you might also face other punishments or be made to participate in certain educational courses in order to resolve the case against you.

One of the scariest thoughts that might run through your mind if you are getting pulled over and have been drinking is that you could be arrested for DUI. In any traffic stop, but especially if there is a chance you might be asked to submit to… Continue reading

Between 5 And 10, Or More? How Long Should A Traffic Stop Last?

Any time you are pulled over for a traffic violation you should expect to be sitting in your car for a while. If you have been speeding this will seem like an inconvenience, especially if you were driving over the limit because you were already running late to your destination. No one enjoys sitting in their car while the police officer runs your plates and/or license to check your record and the situation can escalate if you are asked to step out of your vehicle. The longer you are detained the longer the police have to come up with a reason for the stop and to issue you a citation.

Whether you are being pulled over for DUI, speeding, or some other traffic offense the general rule is that the police cannot hold you longer than is reasonable. The problem is that the definition… Continue reading

Top Three Lessons Learned From The Sandra Bland Traffic Stop

When you see the flashing red and blue lights of a police car in your rearview mirror, your heart can sink to your stomach. The anxiety you feel when being pulled over can easily take hold, and cause a complex combination of emotions. No one likes to get a ticket, and no one likes to answer a police officer’s probing questions. If you do get pulled over though, try to remain calm and remember that you have rights. Keeping a level head will help prevent a situation from escalating and ending with disaster. No one knows this better than the family of Sandra Bland, from Texas, and her stop and resulting arrest and death are things we can all learn from for the future.

The video of the stop sheds light on some very important criminal law issues that everyone should know. The top… Continue reading

Caught Driving Too Fast ! Four Things To Do Next?

Police officers patrol the street in order to keep the peace and maintain the safety of our roads and neighborhoods. Part of doing this job includes pulling people over for traffic violations. A violation can be anything from speeding to reckless driving to driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If you are pulled over the next things that happen might depend on your behavior. Certainly cooperation is better than trying to outsmart or outwit the authorities, but even so you can be ticketed if the circumstances warrant. The problem is that it is the officer, not the driver, that makes the determination as to whether a citation is issued. If you have received a ticket, even one that seems minor, call a skilled criminal defense attorney to protect your rights.

Some tips on how to act during a traffic stop include:

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