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Two Types Of Florida Traffic Tickets That Hurt The Most

It might not be common knowledge, but even a simple speeding ticket can cause you harm. The way most people deal with getting a ticket for driving too fast is to pay the fine without putting up a defense. While this seems like the easiest way to dispose of a traffic ticket, it can cause you more trouble than you might expect. The consequences of having too many tickets on your record can be catastrophic, if you want to keep your driver’s license in good standing. The more tickets you receive, the more points accumulate on your driving record. When the number of points on your record reaches a certain number, your license can be taken away from you. And, depending on the type of ticket received, you might see more points added to… Continue reading

Two Requirements For Traffic School

Getting a traffic ticket, even one that seems minor, can be a hassle. There are fines and costs that go along with getting a ticket, and it is likely your auto insurance rates will increase if you are given a ticket. It is also possible that having too many tickets on your record will cause you to lose your driving privileges. So before you decide to pay a ticket without a second thought, take a minute to determine if fighting the ticket will be better for you in the long run. In many cases the charges against you can be reduced, which means the ticket stays off your record and you pay less in fines and insurance hikes. This result will help you to keep your license and will also help to keep the costs of your case lower.

One way to keep a… Continue reading

Two Ways To Land On The Habitual Traffic Offender List

The moment the red and blue lights of a patrol car flash in your rearview mirror can cause your heart to skip a beat. Receiving a traffic ticket, no matter how minor it seems, is never a good experience. Speeding tickets can cost a lot, can require you to go to Court, and can also mean your insurance rates will rise. Most people think simply paying the ticket is the fastest and easiest way to put the matter behind them, but there are serious consequences to taking this approach. Too many tickets on your driving record can place your right to drive in jeopardy, but putting on tough defense to even the smallest of speeding tickets will help keep your record clean and keep you on the road.

The Habitual Traffic Offender List is something the State takes very seriously. If your name appears… Continue reading

The Two Classifications Of Traffic Tickets In Florida

Most people think that getting a speeding or other traffic ticket is a minor matter, and that the best course of action is to pay the fine without putting up much of a fight. But if you decide to simply pay the ticket without doing more, you run the risk of accumulating harmful points on your driving record and will likely see an increase in your auto insurance rates. In order to avoid these harsh consequences, the better approach is to take an aggressive stand and fight the ticket. In many instances the charge can be reduced, which may also mean the fine is lower and the incident is not noted on your record. In order to make a decision about which type of approach is best for you, it is helpful to know what type of ticket you are facing. When determining the best… Continue reading

What Is A Habitual Traffic Offender?

Getting pulled over for speeding or another traffic violation can cost you financially and also cause significant damage to your driving record. The more tickets you get the more points that will be put on your driving record. If you get too many points, you run the risk of losing your driver’s license. This can leave you without the ability to drive, and be a real inconvenience. These things are reason enough to fight a traffic ticket, even a seemingly small one, rather than just pay the fine.

The chances of losing your driving privileges depend on the number of tickets you have received, and also on the type of tickets you have received. The Habitual Traffic Offender Act gives the State the ability to take away your driver’s license for up to five years, depending on the particular facts of your case. There… Continue reading

What Is A Habitual Traffic Offender?

Every December parents around the country tell their kids to behave, or they will wind up on Santa’s bad list. But, if you are good, your name will appear on the good list and Santa will pay you a visit on Christmas Eve. As adults, we know Santa is not real, but there are certain lists you still want to avoid being on as you grow older. One such list is the habitual traffic offender list, which keeps track of people with too many traffic offenses. If you end up on this list, the chance that the State will take away your driver’s license is great. Thus, it is good to know what qualifies as a habitual traffic offender, so you can be sure to steer clear of taking part in any activity that lands you on the list.

You can lose your license… Continue reading

Two Traffic Ticket School Do’s And Don’ts

Spending the day in traffic school is no one’s idea of a good time. But if you have received a traffic ticket it may be just what you need in order to keep damaging points off of your driving record. Attending traffic school after getting a ticket is also one way to maintain lower insurance rates. These two reasons should be enough to give you pause over whether simply paying the fine and moving on is in your best interest. Most times paying the fine without exploring your legal options is not the most advantageous method of resolving a traffic ticket. A better approach is to fight the ticket, and see if you are able to do things like go to traffic school in exchange for a lower fine, and a charge that does not show up on your driving record. The fewer instances… Continue reading

Two Ways To Get Ticketed For Texting While Driving

The dangers of texting and driving are well known. Studies show taking your eyes off the road even for the minimal amount of time texting takes can have serious consequences because the time needed to refocus is significant. This means that the dangers of texting and driving are well known. Studies show taking your eyes off the road even for the minimal amount of time texting takes can have serious consequences because the time needed to refocus is significant. This means that when you text and then shift your gaze back to the street you are driving without fully paying attention to the rules of the road. To combat this growing problem and decrease the number of accidents related to texting and driving, Florida has passed a ban on texting while operating a motor vehicle.
The law is close to a year and a half… Continue reading

What Are The Two Categories Of Habitual Traffic Offenders?

Having more isn’t always a good thing. When you receive multiple traffic citations, the consequences add up quickly. The most significant consequence of having too many traffic tickets is that you run the risk of the state taking away your driver’s license. To avoid losing your right to drive, pay special attention to the traffic laws and if you receive a ticket do not dismiss it as not deserving of your time. All too often people simply pay a traffic ticket and move on, but this can create a real problem if you are pulled over again. Therefore, it is just as important to defend traffic tickets as it is other types of criminal offenses. Staying off the radar as a habitual traffic offender will help ensure your continued ability to drive, and can help keep auto insurance premiums low. Here’s what you… Continue reading

Less Is More When It Comes To Traffic Violations

Road DangerMinimalists live by the mantra that “less is more”. This is also true in the area of criminal law, where the fewer violations you have, the better. Especially when dealing with traffic violations. This is true because in Florida, if you have more than a certain number of traffic offenses in a five year period you run the risk of losing your right to drive.

The Habitual Traffic Offender law allows the state to take your license for a period of five years if you fall within one of the following categories:

● More than three offenses of the following types:

Voluntary or involuntary manslaughter

A felony, while operating a motor vehicle

Driving on a revoked or suspended licenses

Failing to stop and help a victim of an accident which resulted in death or other personal injury

Unauthorized operation of a commercial vehicle

●… Continue reading