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Seven Ways Probation Can Be Violated Without A New Crime Being Committed

Most people know that if you are on probation you cannot be arrested for any new crime. Most people also know that if an arrest is made while a person is in probation, that is considered a violation and the probation will likely be revoked. This type of scenario will send an accused to jail, with an uphill battle to fight on both the original crime and also on the new crimes, which now includes a violation of probation charge. But did you know there are ways to violate probation that do not involve being arrested or committing any new crime, and that these acts are just as much a violation as being arrested?

Seven ways probation can be violated without a new crime being committed include:

A Few New Ways To Violate Probation

The title of this blog may be misleading, because who would actually want to violate the terms of their probation? The answer is likely “no one”, because if you violate your probation you do not receive the benefit of the bargain you made when agreeing to go on probation. That said, violations do happen, and when they do it is imperative to aggressively defend the new charge of violation of probation (VOP). A successful defense to a VOP charge can keep you out of jail and might just also allow you to bargain for other favorable outcomes.

Violations occur in one of two ways, either by committing a new crime or by committing a technical violation. A new crime violation is pretty self-explanatory, it happens when the defendant engages in a new activity other than the one for which they are… Continue reading