family with kidsPart of divorce is remarriage. When a couple ends their marriage it is not unusual for one or both of the parties to remarry. Many second or third marriages include children from previous relationships. This can turn a parent into an instant step parent. Sometimes this transition is difficult, as divorce can be hard on the kids. But, a smooth transition is key to a healthy future for all involved.

Building trust with a step child is crucial to developing a strong relationship between a step parent and their new spouse’s children. Some tips to help include:

● Try allowing letting your spouse resolve conflict, without your intervention.

● Assert your concerns without degrading your stepchild.

● Recognize when your participation isn’t effective, and take a step back from the situation.

Knowing when to pick your battles is an important way to keep the peace in a blended family. Recognizing the biological parent’s role while supporting your new spouse and his or her children will create a solid family unit. This approach will also allow you to strengthen your relationship with your new spouse. Showing your spouse and the kids see that you are able to give the biological parent a role in important decisions builds trust and allows your relationship with your step children to develop naturally.

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