man covering faceOlympic superstar swimmer Michael Phelps has had his fair share of legal troubles. A photo of the athlete smoking marijuana quickly went viral in 2009. The Olympic hero quickly recovered from that media frenzy, but is now in the spotlight again for actions outside the pool. Phelps has been arrested for DUI, and faces some pretty harsh consequences.

In addition to the legal battle that lies ahead, Phelps has also been disciplined by U.S. Swimming. Those punishments include:

  • A prohibition from competition meets for 6 months.

● A mandatory withdrawal from the 2015 world championship team.

● Giving up funding for the 6 month suspension period.

Phelps’ reaction to the punishment is a statement that he will use the break to attend an in house treatment program. This is the 2nd DUI case for the swimmer in the past ten years. Employment repercussions are a common consequence for those arrested for DUI. In the case of the average worker, this type of disruption of income has serious effects. To fight for your right to earn a living, call a qualified criminal defense attorney who can offer an aggressive defense to your case. Our team of skilled lawyers has experience obtaining results that work for you and your family.

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