roman statue with scalesUnsolicited advice is generally disregarded. This is especially true when you tell friends and family of your decision to divorce. Almost immediately everyone from your mom to your second cousin once removed has an opinion about something. You might hear what your best friend thinks about who should get the house, or where the kids should live. The bottom line is you should only take advice that comes with sound reasoning.

One of the most reliable sources of advice is of course your divorce attorney. But, sometimes people want to know a family law Judge’s take on the important issues that surround divorce and marriage. Some nuggets of wisdom from a popular Judge include:


● When your circumstances change, you do have the right to change (or modify) your divorce decree.

● Identify your needs before going to Court, this helps your case move at a faster pace and can help keep costs down.

● Understand the roles of the parties, your attorney works for you and your spouse’s attorney works for your spouse; the Judge is impartial and cannot give you legal advice regarding your case.

● Temper your expectations on emotional issues.


The laws of every state are different, so it is important you consult with an attorney knowledgeable about family law issues in your jurisdiction. Teaming with a skilled attorney ensures accuracy and moves you toward satisfactory results. We thoroughly prepare your case so you are not caught off guard in the Courtroom, and are emotionally prepared for different possible outcomes.


For more information about divorce, call our office today. We are here to answer your most important questions, from child support to property distribution. Your first visit is at a onetime flat fee. for help. Call a qualified family law attorney in Stuart and the Treasure Coast today to schedule an appointment.