police officerSome things always seem to go together. Batman and Robin, salt and pepper, peanut butter and jelly, and assault and battery, right? Except just like soap and water are two different things; assault and battery are two components of a common crime often lumped together. Competent criminal defense attorneys are quick not to assume where there is smoke, there is fire, and are capable of crafting aggressive defenses for charges of assault.

An assault is legally defined as an act that includes an intentional threat of:

● An act of violence

● By one with the ability to assert violence

● Accompanied by an act that creates a fear that the action will be carried out

A conviction for assault is a second degree misdemeanor conviction. As with any criminal conviction, your record is affected and casts a negative light on you in your future endeavors for things like employment and other privileges. To minimize the effect an arrest for assault can have on your record, call an attorney specializing in criminal defense for help. Also of importance is the possibility that if an assault occurs between family members, the crime can be classified as domestic violence. Charges of domestic violence make it difficult to maintain a stable home for your family, and you may face the possibility of a lack of contact with your children.


Safeguard your record and protect your rights as a parent by calling a criminal defense attorney that knows how to fight charges of assault.  Take a proactive position for your future, and call to schedule an appointment. We offer an initial free consultation for criminal defense matters and always treat you with dignity and respect.