It has been just over a month since the tragic events at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, where a gunman opened fire and killed almost 50 people. The act has been referred to as an act of terror, with the LGBT community the specific target. In that time there have been shootings in Louisiana, Minnesota, and Texas that have rocked the nation and brought the issue of gun control to the top of nearly every internet search performed. The shootings have involved police officers, unarmed persons, and people attending protests and rallies related to the popular Black Lives Matter movement. With such a wide demographic net having been cast in these instances, it would seem as though there is little left to cover. Unfortunately that is not the case, as a recent shooting targeted teens.

Club Blu in Ft. Myers was the scene of the most recent shooting incident, and here is what has been reported about that attack:

  • The club was hosting an event for teens, in what was supposed to be a kid friendly and safe space.
  • Some of the victims are as young as 12 years old.
  • Initial statements from the police are that none of the teens attending the event were responsible for the shooting.
  • There were other crime scenes related to the Club Blu shooting, as shots also rang out about five blocks away from the Club. The shooting five blocks away is one of three events the police believe are connected to the Club Blu incident.
  • The police detained three people right away as they continued to look for other suspects.

With this latest news its seems gun control, weapons laws, and knowing your rights when it comes to firearms is more important now than it has ever been in our country’s history. If you have questions about what you are allowed to do, or need to know what it takes to obtain a license to carry, call our office. We will go over the rules and regulations with you so you feel comfortable and safe. Our thoughts go out to those affected by these recent tragedies as we remain steadfast in our efforts to help protect your rights.

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