back of security guardFewer incidents garner as much media attention as an unsafe college campus. This is especially true in the wake of middle and elementary school shootings, and the call for schools of every level to be safer. If one positive can come out of instances of assault, abduction, and campus violence it is to raise awareness among the students. A heightened awareness of possible crimes means people start looking out for each other, and injuries resulting from violent acts decrease.

The No Gator Stands Alone is one such initiative, designed to bring students together at UF. The program is the result of the following:

  • Four incidents of assault were reported, starting August 30.

● The instances of assault total a short ten day period.

The program saw speakers such as the UF Chief of Police and student body president and gave pointers on remaining safe, and how to combat an attack. Suggestions include walking in groups, and fighting back with noise when attacked. The goal is to raise awareness and hopefully prevent future incidents. Programs such as this are important, but when circumstances arise requiring defense of an accused, it is just as important that the accused is given a fair shake and permitted to present a solid defense. Our skilled criminal defense attorneys are adept at balancing social concerns with legal requirements and work hard to reach appropriate results.

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