Having a criminal record can interfere with your ability to obtain employment and certain other privileges. Without a job it will be difficult to support yourself and your family. The weight of the knowledge that your past follows you around can cause undue stress and anxiety, leading you to settle for less than you deserve. In certain circumstances though, you can get a fresh start and breathe again. If you are eligible to have charges against you erased from your record (expunged), you can face your future with confidence.

The law in Florida that allows a person to wipe the slate clean contains certain requirements. To expunge a criminal record, you must show one of the following:

● An arrest was made, but no charges were ever filed.

● The case against you was dismissed.

● A not guilty verdict was entered.

If you meet any one of these requirements, it is in your best interest to seek an expungement of the charges. Once expunged, the record of the case is no longer visible to most people or entities that initiate a search. You are also able to check that box that says “no” when asked on an application if you’ve ever been convicted of a crime. One word of caution though, certain governmental agencies might still have access to your record, so it is always a good idea to be up front about your past when dealing with these groups. To make sure an expungement will have the impact you desire, partner with a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney. And, breathe again.


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