men toastingThe picture of what is considered a “traditional” marriage has changed. With some states recognizing same sex unions, neighboring jurisdictions must decide what to do when one of those marriages is sought to be dissolved within its borders.


In a highly publicized case, a same sex couple from Massachusetts is seeking to dissolve their union in Florida. The case involves:


● The couple was married in Massachusetts in 2010

● After the marriage, the couple relocated to Tampa

● The marriage was recognized in Massachusetts, but Florida does not recognize same sex unions

● The laws of the State of Florida do not permit it to undo what it legally could not have done in the first place

● The couple has learned they must return to Massachusetts in order to obtain a divorce

● Not only must the couple return to Massachusetts to seek a divorce, they must also live there for a period of one year prior               to requesting dissolution


This case sheds light on a problem faced by thousands of same sex couples across the country. When the laws of the states are not uniform in a mobile society, problems arise upon relocation. No doubt the issue of same sex marriage will continue to be revisited, and perhaps changes in the law are in our future. Our attorneys keep on top of the ever changing landscape of the legal issues important to you.  We are experienced in prosecuting and defending family law cases and are here to answers your questions.


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