If you are pulled over and suspected of drinking and driving, you might be arrest. Or, if you are caught shoplifting, store security might call the authorities to come arrest you. Many arrests happen at the same time of the alleged crime. In some instances though, a person can be arrested after the fact, as a result of having a bench warrant issued. If you are arrested on a bench warrant, you should immediately call a skilled criminal defense attorney for help.

Bench warrants can be issued for the following reasons:

  • Failing to appear for a court ordered appearance.

● Violation of terms of probation.

Bench warrants can be issued in either felony or misdemeanor cases.

When a bench warrant is issued for your arrest, you should take the matter seriously, because the State will certainly do so. In most cases, the Court considers people subject to an arrest warrant likely to flee the jurisdiction to avoid arrest. Rather than appear to be a flight risk, face the situation head on with the help of a qualified criminal defense attorney. This will show the Court your willingness to be accountable, and help expedite the matter.

If a bench warrant has been issued for your arrest, call a competent criminal defense attorney in Stuart and the Treasure Coast for help. We offer aggressive representation for criminal charges. Call us today to schedule an appointment.