With the recent shootings across the country, most of which involved police officers, many municipalities are taking action. It is important to keep our officers safe, because while they can be the villain when you are arrested for a charge, they can also be helpful if you are put in harm’s way. One Florida city not that far away has recently spent half a million dollars to increase the protection provided to its law enforcement officers.

In Ft. Lauderdale, new protections for police officers, to the tune of around $500,000.00 are in place. Among the new measures are:

  • Active shooter protection kits
  • Upgraded shields, which provide more protection from more serious gunfire

The increase of officer related shootings, and officers being targeted for violence (as we saw in Dallas) caused the Ft. Lauderdale City Manager to approve the expense for upgraded protection. Like most things related to weapons and police patrol, this act can be seen as a positive or as a negative step. Emotions are running high on topics like whether the police are too forceful, and shoot without provocation, and have been receiving a lot of press lately. With a lot of media attention being given to these stories, it is critical to know your rights when it comes to gun ownership. One misstep, even one made unknowingly, can land you in a lot of hot water. It is even possible to put yourself at risk physically, if you are caught unaware of what is lawful and what is not when it comes to a weapon. With the police force beefing up its protection, now is the time for everyday citizens to do the same and that starts with learning the laws as they apply to your personal circumstances. For more information on lawful gun ownership, contact our office. Or, if you have been charged with a weapons violation, let us help you by defending the case against you. Our team of knowledgeable criminal defense attorneys has the answers you need.

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