scales with money and heartThe world is full of urban legends. Drink a soda while eating pop rocks and your mouth will explode, bottled water that sits too long in a car causes cancer, and Mr. Rogers was a Marine sniper are just a few of the stories we hear and after a while start to believe. The area of divorce also contains share of myths. Some people think they’ll never be friends with their ex, that they’ll always be alone. These are common misperceptions surrounding divorce. While every case is different, there is the possibility of a happy ending. Even in divorce.

Happiness after divorce happens at different times for everyone, but is a common end result. With the right mix of legal and mental health assistance, it is possible to live a fulfilled and happy life after divorce. A recent study shows women are more likely to feel happiness after divorce than men. This phenomenon may be attributed to:

● More divorces are asked for by women than by men, regardless of whether both parties are dissatisfied with the marriage. This may be seen as taking control of their lives, and could be part of the cause for more women reporting post-divorce happiness than men.

● The emotional composition of women is such that adaptability to changed circumstances comes easier to women than men.

Given the possibility of moving forward in your life in a positive way after divorce, it is important to not give credence to common misconceptions about divorce. Your happiness is the ultimate goal, and it is possible to be friends with your ex after the divorce and also to co-parent your kids. Setting healthy boundaries and moving at your own pace is key. Let our team of skilled legal professionals help you make positive changes. We work with you and take your needs into account, including how to fairly distribute property and decide custody of your children. We understand reaching an agreement on issues of child support and alimony are just as important as being able to drop off your kids for a weekend with your ex without having discussions escalate to arguments. We fight for your rights while also looking out for your emotional well-being.

If you have questions about divorce, call our office for more information. Schedule an appointment with a skilled family law attorney in Stuart and the Treasure Coast to make sure your case is handled properly. We put your needs first and help get results that are satisfactory to you.