OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAlimony is payment made to one spouse by the other, designed to put both parties on sound financial footing after divorce. The most typical scenario is that alimony is paid by a higher earning spouse to a lower earning, or nonworking spouse, in order to allow both husband and wife to maintain the lifestyle to which they became accustomed during the marriage. The goal of alimony is to allow the needy party to stand on their own financially when the marriage is finally dissolved. But, most parties ordered to pay alimony have a different feeling and often times fight the request. In a successful case the result is a lower payment amount, or a denial of the request for alimony. But is fighting the request worth the cost?


A recent article spells out the costs of fighting a request for alimony:


● Attorney fees.

● Court costs.

● Investigation fees.

● Expert witness fees.


These are the costs that are easy to determine, because they are tangible and documented. But there are also emotional costs of the time and effort required to put on a defense to alimony. If you have been asked to pay alimony, don’t shy away from fighting for it simply on the basis of cost. There are successful defense strategies, and there are circumstances such as remarriage or cohabitation that may play into your favor. In the end, the result of your case depends on the specific facts of your matter. A careful and thoughtful analysis is necessary to make a determination about how to best proceed in your case. An experienced family law attorney will review your case and provide a strategy that works for you.


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