Martin County DUI LawyerOf Course!  Every criminal court I have been in does, as best I can tell.  And that includes the courts in Martin County.  Now, my definition of a good ole boy system may be a little different then yours.  I am not trying to say that woman are  somehow inferior or that you have to be a certain race.  Martin County Courts DO NOT discriminate against attorneys or anyone else based on gender, race, color or religious preference.

However, there is no question that the out of town attorney suffers a bit of discrimination.  The local attorney that knows the system and the players in it has a huge advantage over the out of town lawyer when it comes to local customs and courtroom procedures.  Unlike a civil case where the attorneys from both sides can literally show up from anywhere to present their case, the same state prosecutors will sit in the same Martin County criminal courtroom day in and day out, with the same judge. They get to know their judge’s tendencies, and they know whether your attorney knows those tendencies as well.  In addition to the prosecutors and judges, I believe there is a huge advantage in knowing the  judge’s assistant, clerk and bailiff.  These are the people that can get you into court and once you are there, get you out of court (no one wants to spend the whole day there, right?).  Like anything else, relationships matter.

The lawyers of the Ferraro Law Group have been practicing law in Martin County for 38 years!  We know the prosecutors that you will be up against and the judges that will decide the outcome.  If you or a loved one is in need of a Stuart, Martin County criminal defense lawyer contact the lawyers of the Ferraro Law Group and put our knowledge and experience to work for you.