handcuffsIn the war on drugs more and more defendants are being given the opportunity to attend court ordered rehabilitation to avoid conviction. These programs are helpful for some, but the circumstances have to be just right. Knowing what to expect from drug court is essential to your decision making process when developing an effective defense strategy for drug charges. The ultimate goal is to keep you out of jail, while showing the State you are able to be a productive member of society.

The way to get to rehab is generally through entering a plea agreement with the prosecution. In drug cases these agreements usually include a provision that the defendant attend drug and/or alcohol rehabilitation. Studies show the benefit to participation in a Court ordered drug rehabilitation program include:

● The source of any addition is found and treatment given. Once the addiction is properly treated, the likelihood of a repeat offense involving drugs decreases.

● The cost of drug programs is typically lower than the cost to incarcerate a person.

At first glance it may seem undesirable to attend what seems to be a “forced” rehabilitation program. But once there, many participants learn valuable life lessons. Entering a Court ordered addiction program can help you to create a bright future, while serving the State’s need to reduce the chances crimes will be repeated.


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