business graphThe number of DUI arrests is on the rise, which means drivers must be more vigilant than ever before. A DUI conviction has serious consequences, which impact your personal life and finances. Increased insurance rates and payment of hefty fines are common in DUI cases and this can really interfere with your monthly budget.

While DUI’s are up in nearly every part of the State, central Florida has been hit really hard:

● Arrest rates are up 4% over this time just one year ago.

● Common target areas for police include parts of town near colleges and universities.


The inclination to patrol college areas more heavily typically pays off for police. University campuses see their fair share of social activity, and most likely drinking is involved. With the rate of DUI arrest in central Florida increasing, you can bet police departments around the State will take a queue from the methods employed there, and begin implementing similar tactics. If you are arrested for DUI, call an experienced defense attorney for help. We work with you to minimize the negative impact a DUI arrest and/or conviction has on your life. Our goal is to reach a solution that is satisfactory to you, while providing a strong defense.


For more information about DUI cases, call an experienced criminal defense attorney in Stuart and the Treasure Coast. We aggressively defend you so you can move forward with your life. Your first visit is a free initial consultation.