Stuart Florida DUI Lawyer

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How will a Stuart Florida DUI Affect Me?

A DUI in Stuart Florida can have lasting impacts on your criminal record and your life.  A DUI in Stuart Florida will result in the suspension of your driver’s license, which can make it very difficult to find and maintain employment.  In Stuart, there is really very little in the way of public transit.  The financial consequences of a DUI in Stuart Florida can be long lasting.

How will a Stuart Florida DUI Affect my License?

A conviction for a first DUI in Stuart Florida will include a driver’s license suspension for 6 months.  If you blew into the breathalyzer, you can get a hardhsip license after 30 days without a license.  If you refused to blow in the machine, you will have to wait 90 days for a hardship license.  If you get a Stuart Florida DUI, you can only use a hardship license for work or necessities of life.  A Stuart Florida DUI should be taken very seriously.  No license for 30 to 90 days can often mean no work, no paycheck and no way to pay the rent.

A conviction for a second Stuart Florida DUI within 5 years of the last one will normally exclude you from obtaining any kind of hardship license for at least one year.

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