It should go without saying that in order to be pulled over for DUI, you have to be driving. But now days it seems the definition of “vehicle” is being stretched more and more by law enforcement, in an effort to make a DUI arrest. Some of the modes of transport that have been in use during a DUI arrest will simply boggle your mind, but all of them will demonstrate the need to defend yourself and fight for results that make sense.

Eight different ways you can be arrested for DUI without even driving a car include:

  • Use a wheelchair: a man involved in a scuffle in front of a home for the elderly attempted to flee the scene in his wheelchair. He was promptly arrested and charged with DUI for operating the “motorized vehicle” while intoxicated.
  • Use your riding lawnmower to “mow” the street: a man was arrested for DUI for driving his lawnmower in the street instead of using it to cut his grass.
  • Smooth out the ice at a hockey game on a Zamboni, while intoxicated.
  • Ride a horse: a man in Northern Florida was charged with DUI after a nearly five hour horse ride through town, while intoxicated.
  • A Pennsylvania man was arrested for DUI for improperly operating his horse driven buggy.
  • In Australia, “driving” a motorized cooler while drinking can get you arrested for DUI.
  • A man in Alaska was charged with DUI for the way in which he was operating his inflatable raft.
  • Disregarding signals while pulling a Christmas float full of kids got one man charged with DUI, among other things.

Nearly everyone would agree none of these forms of transportation are cars, yet the “drivers” all faced DUI charges. This shows how creative the police can get when trying to make an arrest, and unfortunately it leaves the “driver” forced to defend the case. If you have been arrested for DUI, regardless of what type of vehicle you were operating, you must put on a solid defense in order to maintain your right to drive. Call us today to find out what to do next, and let us help you face the case head on and with confidence.

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