Being arrested is a serious matter, and should be given your full attention. Your future quality of life can be greatly impacted by an arrest, and you may even lose your freedom if sentenced to spend time behind bars. Maintaining a clean criminal record will help you to obtain employment, be able to rent an apartment or car, apply for certain licenses, and get into school. These are all good reasons to aggressively defend any charges filed against you, but the list does not end with just these things.

In recent months the internet was abuzz with public opinion about a popular Netflix program called Making a Murderer. The story centered on the trial and conviction of Steven Avery, and his subsequent release from jail 18 years later! That’s right, Avery spent 18 years behind bars and the miniseries revealed he may have done so wrongfully, several questionable practices were revealed during the show and those 18 years served is reason enough to fight criminal charges. Here are just few examples of what may have gone wrong for Mr. Avery:

  • DNA evidence, brought forward all these years later, shows Avery did not commit the crime for which he was serving time.
  • The license tag number for Avery’s car was reported, but the vehicle itself had not been found. This raises the question of whether this piece of evidence, and the evidence that sprung from anything having to do with the car was reliable.
  • Seals on certain pieces of evidence appear to have been tampered with, and other items were “discovered” long after the fact.

The debate over whether Avery’s conviction was concocted by the authorities could rage long into the night, but one thing is certain; this piece of filmmaking has called into question the way in which criminal cases are prosecuted. Our goal is to develop a defense that fits the facts, and to work with the prosecution openly and honestly. We expect the same in return, and believe this approach is one that our local prosecutors take seriously. That is not to say you do not deserve a defense that is assertive; you do! We will thoroughly review your case, so vital pieces of information do not go undiscovered. Call us today to schedule an appointment to discuss where to go next, and what to expect during the defense of your case.


For more information about how to defend criminal charges, call an experienced defense attorney in Stuart and the Treasure Coast. We offer an initial consultation for no charge, and look forward to working with you.