The consequences of a DUI are far reaching, touching nearly every aspect of your life. Your ability to drive may be impacted, which can prevent you from getting to where you need to go. Your insurance rates are likely to rise, which means a hit to your budget, and you will also have to face the Court to answer for the criminal charges. After the dust has settled and the case is over, another area of your daily routine that might be affected is your job. Whether you are employed or searching for a job, having a DUI on your record can cause concern and present questions that need answers.

In most cases, your employment will not be affected by a DUI. Take for example the case of a St. Petersburg city prosecutor who has had a total of 3 DUI cases against him. Mark Winn had two DUI’s before his employer made mention of possible action. Winn’s boss has only commented on possible consequences with the 3rd and most recent case. Some tips for how to handle a job search or even answer questions at your current job if you are arrested for DUI include:

● Be upfront and honest, without hiding the fact you were charged with a DUI.

● Be prepared to face questions, and think through your answers rather than rushing to say something that may sound like an excuse.

● Accept responsibility.


No one is perfect, and employers understand that you are human. Showing you have learned from your past is a trait most employers appreciate, and should go a long way in minimizing potential negative impacts you face at work after a DUI charge. Positive steps include volunteering, learning, and showing personal accountability. It is also important to reassure your boss any requirements of the Court will not interfere with your job duties. Our team of qualified DUI defense attorneys are here to help you with your case, as well as the ways in which your case touches your personal life.


If you have questions about how to handle a job search, or how to talk to your current employer if you have been charged with a DUI, call our office for answers. Contact us today schedule an appointment with an experienced criminal defense attorney in Stuart and the Treasure Coast. The first visit is a free initial consultation.