Being arrested is not an everyday occurrence for most people. So, when it happens it is frightening and can leave you wondering what to do next. Every case is different, and the type of charges filed against you can vary. Defending drug possession cases requires a different strategy than defending a DUI case. The approach you take depends on the type of case, but there are some common questions that apply to nearly all criminal cases.

Knowing what to expect and/or what to do if you are pulled over, arrested, or questioned by the police or other law enforcement agencies will give you the confidence to behave calmly if you are arrested. Five of the most common questions include:

● What are my rights? Upon arrest you should be read your rights, these include being given the opportunity to remain silent and contact attorney.

● Will I have to go to Court? Most likely, yes. The answer depends on the case and a trained criminal defense attorney can help you figure out where you need to be, and when.

● What is the range of punishment? This depends on the charges against you, and how effectively you defend those charges. Experienced criminal attorneys can explain the possibilities to you and give you advice on the best way to proceed.

● Will I be able to clear my record after the case is over? Yes, depending on the type of charge. The process is referred to as expungement. A knowledgeable attorney can determine if you qualify.

● How much will this cost me? Fines and fees can be high; the amount you have to pay will depend on the charge and whether the case is first offense or a subsequent case against you.

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