Josh2.ashxWhat percentage of your practice is devoted to divorce and family law?

There are a great deal of lawyers who will take on a divorce case with just enough knowledge to go through the motions. These lawyers understand that there are generally four issues in divorce (property division, alimony, child-centric issues and attorneys fees) and they know the basics with regard to each one of them. Therefore, they will take on an occasional case that walks in the door even if they have very little actual divorce experience or in-depth knowledge of the issues that matter.

However, while it is true that most divorces revolve around these four issues; divorce law can be incredibly technical and the laws are often complex and nuanced. At the same time, the outcome of your case will affect your life, your children and your livelihood for many years to come. Therefore, it is extremely important to consult with an experienced attorney who dedicates most or all of his practice to litigating the issues that you will be facing.

The Ferraro Law Group has two Stuart divorce lawyers who dedicate a substantial part of their practice to representing clients in divorce in Stuart and throughout the Treasure Coast. Its founding partner has been Board Certified in Divorce and Family Law since that designation was first offered and has achieved an AV rating for divorce work

How often to you go to trial?

In a perfect world, all cases would be resolved amicably after the parties exchange their financial documents and hear each other out regarding their respective positions. Of course, in a perfect world we would have to worry about divorce at all. As you know, we don’t live in a perfect world and therefore not every divorce case will offer the opportunity to settle on terms that are satisfactory to both parties. If you become involved in one of these cases, you want to be sure that your divorce lawyer is comfortable going to trial, and skilled once he gets there.

Not all divorce lawyers go to trial on a regular basis. However, the best way to obtain a favorable settlement is to convince the other side that you are ready, willing and able to go to trial. Therefore, it stands to reason that the best way to obtain a favorable settlement is to hire an attorney who the other side knows can, will and has gone to trial on a regular basis.

The Ferraro Law Group includes two Stuart divorce lawyers who go to court on a regular basis. We believe in settling cases where possible, but are more than willing to go in front of the judge to obtain the benefits that you are entitled to.

What do you think about mediation?

Mediation is the process of negotiating a settlement with the assistance of an impartial third-party. It is an extremely successful process which results in the settlement of 80-90% of the cases that participate. This allows clients to avoid the time, stress and expense of trial while still obtaining the result that they want and need.

Although your client should be ready, willing and able to go to trial (see above); his goal should be to resolve your case as soon as possible and for the best possible result. If your attorney dismisses mediation or negotiation (except in rare cases), it could be an indication that he or she is more interested in charging you fees than resolving the case in your best interest. Asking your divorce lawyer about his or her feelings on mediation will give you some insight into his motivations.

The Ferraro Law Group’s Stuart, Florida divorce lawyers believe that mediation is often the best way to resolve even the most contentious family disputes. In fact, one of its members, Joshua Ferraro, regularly acts as a mediator for other divorce lawyers.

 How long have you been in the Stuart area?

Divorce cases are tried in front of a judge instead of a jury. This judge is afforded wide latitude and discretion over your case and his or her decisions will not be disturbed absent an abuse of discretion. Therefore, it is vitally important that your divorce lawyer be familiar with the Judge. Of course, knowing the judge obviously won’t get you any special treatment or affect his or her decisions. But knowing how the judge decides cases, what his procedures are, what demeanor he prefers and how he typically decides cases will be an invaluable asset in your case.

The members of the Ferraro Law Group have been in the Stuart, Florida area for nearly forty years. They have been representing clients in Stuart with their divorce issues for more than three (3) decades.

What can I expect in my divorce?

Although each divorce is different, there are commonalities in all cases. Your divorce lawyer should be willing and able to give you a substantive, and in-depth, explanation of the issues that you will be facing. He may not know the answer to every question that you ask, but he should be able to give you a clear understanding of most issues.

The Ferraro Law Group takes pride in educating its clients about their rights and the substantive laws that affect them. We believe that client-service and client-education are the hallmarks of an excellent divorce lawyer.