If you are in the habit of catching either the morning or evening news, or even check the feed on your social media accounts throughout the day, chances are you have seen a lot of stories about what is going on in the world today. Most of those stories focus on actions taken by the new President, and how those actions might have an impact on the everyday American citizen. One of the hottest topics has been immigration, and the memory of Trump’s disparaging remarks about people from other countries may still be fresh. If your daily routine does not include taking a peek at the latest news, you might want to make some changes to your schedule and tune in for a few minutes to see if there is anything you need to know about being reported.

Five good reasons to keep up on current events relate not only to the immigration issue, but also how that issues plays a role in everyday legal proceedings in the country. The story of Sandra Duran and Estuardo Alvarado is a good place to start in this regard. Alvarado is a five time deportee, and has been charged with the murder of Duran as a result of a DUI case. Here is what the news media has to say about the situation:

  • Alvarado was arrested after a crash in California; the crash ultimately took the life of Duran.
  • Alvarado was charged with DUI and murder, since Duran did not survive the incident.
  • Reports claim Alvarado was an undocumented immigrant, who also had a prior criminal record.
  • Duran’s family is outraged that Alvarado was even in the country to be able to cause the crash, as he had previously been deported five times.
  • Calls are being made to tighten up the immigration laws, to prevent this type of accident from happening in the future.

The point here is that we have all heard Trump’s calls for a wall, have heard him refer to certain ethnicities as “bad hombres” (or at least read a report about his remarks), and have listened to the immigration debate for what might seem like years. But in truth, unless you or a loved one is in the cross hairs on this issue, you may not have given it much thought. The same may be true for DUI defense or criminal defense in general. But this story shows how all of these issues have the ability to touch any one of us at any time. When and if you are faced with a legal issue that requires the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney, whether that issue is for possession of drugs, DUI, or a speeding ticket; call our office. We can help.

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