When you agree to a term of probation to resolve a criminal charge against you, you have to be sure to follow the rules to the letter or you risk violating your probation. If a probation violation occurs, you can be charged with the new crime of probation violation as well as whatever crime led to the violation. This amounts to at least two new charges against you, and you also no longer get the benefit of your probation agreement, which means the original charge can now be prosecuted in full. These possibilities are severe, and can lead to jail time and additional fines that have to be paid. So, if you are charged with violating your probation, you need to know where to turn for help.

Five things that can happen when you are caught violating probation are:

  • Your probation will be revoked, leaving you to stand and face the full range of possible punishment for the original crime.
  • You will be charged with whatever new crime has been committed, and may not be offered probation as a way to resolve that case.
  • You will be charged with violating probation, which is a separate charge in and of itself.
  • You could be arrested, or have a warrant for your arrest issued that leads to an eventual arrest.
  • You may have to spend some time behind bars.

Most probation violations are defined as actual violations, which means the defendant has committed a new crime while on probation. But it is also possible to commit a technical violation of probation, which could be something as minor as forgetting to pay a fine when due or failing to report in as scheduled. In order to avoid a violation, make sure you understand all of the terms of your probation before the agreement is final. The best way to do this is to have a competent defense attorney negotiate your probation. Our staff is skilled at working out probation plans that make sense, and that you can follow. Because if your probation contains unreasonable terms, the chances of being successful while on probation are slim. For help, call us today.

For answers to questions about violations of probation, call an experienced criminal defense attorney today. Skilled criminal defense attorneys in Stuart and the Treasure Coast are here to help you today. Your first visit is a free initial consultation.