A DUI arrest can be a persons’ first brush with the law, and it can be frightening. But, knowing what to expect makes the process a little easier to handle and certainly puts you in a position to make wise choices about your defense strategy. This is beneficial because the better informed you are, the more satisfied you will be with the results obtained.

All cases are different, but the legal procedures are the same. Usually the legal proceedings are the parts of the case that cause the most stress, because not everyone is familiar with how the judicial system works and what they will have to do when going to Court. A DUI case can be boiled down to the following five steps:

  • The initial vehicle stop and arrest. If you are pulled over for a traffic violation, and the officer believes you have been drinking, he or she can ask you to submit to a breath or other field sobriety test. When the result of the test shows you are over the legal limit for DUI, you will be arrested and have your license taken away.
  • The administrative proceeding to get your license back, or to obtain at least a limited right to drive. The request for this hearing must be made within ten days of your arrest, or you lose the right to do so.
  • The criminal hearing regarding the DUI charge, which consists of an arraignment where you are formally read the charges against you and then any hearing for motions made on your behalf before the final hearing or trial date.
  • Trial, if you decide to reject any plea offer made by the prosecution.
  • Probation, which is a common method for resolving cases. While on probation, which might be offered in exchange for going to jail, you will be expected to comply with the terms of your probationary period.

The way you decide to resolve your case is up to you, and we can help by explaining your options. Call us today to find out more.

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