Agreeing to a term of probation will keep you out of jail, but only if you are able to fully comply with all of your probationary terms. Some of the requirements will seem more administrative in nature, meaning you will need to keep your records updated and make sure you check in when required. But one of the biggest requirements of any term of probation is the requirement that you remain arrest free and commit no new crimes while serving your probation. If you are picked up on a new charge your probation can be revoked and you will have to face the full weight of your original offense, plus the offense of probation violation and now the new crime you are charged with as well. That adds up to at least 3 charges you will now face, and even if the new charges are dropped you will have to contend with the others.

Five things that happen when you violate probation are:

  • You can be punished for the original crime to the full extent possible under the law.
  • You will have to defend a violation of probation charge.
  • Your probation will be revoked, thus you will no longer get the benefit of the bargain you made when you agreed to go on probation (which most times was for a reduction of the charges against you or maybe even dismissal of those charges after successful completion of probation).
  • You will be facing new charges, for whatever caused the violation (either a new arrest, or a technical violation for not following one of the administrative requirements of your probation).
  • You may not be eligible for probation on future cases.

These possibilities make it clear that sticking to probation is best. But we understand that it can be difficult, and things do happen in life. If you have been arrested on a new charge while on probation, even one that has been dismissed, call us for help. We will aggressively pursue all remedies available to you and that fit the facts of your case.  Our goal is to minimize the impact criminal charges and the sentences for those charges can have on your life.

For answers to questions about violations of probation, call an experienced criminal defense attorney today. Skilled criminal defense attorneys in Stuart and the Treasure Coast are here to help you today. Your first visit is a free initial consultation.