Most major life events come with a laundry list of things frequently associated with the event. For example, when thinking about going to a wedding it is not uncommon to think about a big reception with cake and a good meal. When kids turn five, one of the most notable events in their life at that time is starting kindergarten. And, having a baby is often associated with making personal sacrifices and getting little to no sleep. These examples illustrate how one event can lead to another, and just how connected certain acts or events are with a bigger picture. It can be helpful to know how things are connected, because it can help you plan.

This is especially true if you are facing criminal charges, anything from a speeding ticket to a more serious DUI. With a speeding ticket you can expect to either pay a fine or fight the ticket to keep it from going on your record. There is usually only one thing associated with a speeding ticket, and that is the act of driving faster than the posted limit. But, with a DUI the list of things police look for gets longer. Here are five behaviors police associate with DUI, and that can be considered when an arrest is made:

  • Physical traits such as slurred speech or blurry eyes.
  • Erratic driving patterns, such as disregarding signals or weaving in and out of traffic.
  • Driving too fast, or even too slow.
  • Smells of alcohol on your person or in your car.
  • Being unable to walk a straight line, or answer questions coherently.

The consequences of getting a DUI include possible loss of your driver’s license, the possibility that you will need to have an interlock device installed in your car, increased insurance rates, possible jail time, and monetary fines. In order to minimize these possibilities, you have to aggressively defend the charges and fight for your license. This requires not only an effective criminal defense, but also the requirement you make a timely request for review of your driving privileges. We have experience handling all aspects of DUI defense, and look forward to helping you.

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